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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Tower of Pudding: My Albertson's Trip

I waited until the last day of the sale to do my Albertson's shopping this week. I had bought some pudding coupons and they finally came on Monday. Here's what I got:

Transaction 1:
9 Pudding Packs
4 Van's Pork and Beans
6 Dano-0-nino Yougurt
7 McCormick seasoning mix
Paid: 13.44
Got 10.00 in cats back.

Transaction 2:
21 Pudding packs
8 Hunts Tomato sauce
Paid: 8.05
Got back 10.00 in cats.

I bought 55 items for a total of 22.38 out of pocket (this includes the tax). That's just .22 per item if you include the 10.00 catalina that I have left. I am planning on donating some of the pudding, freezing some into popsicles for the summer and saving some for lunches next year. (I'm not sure that it will last until the next school year because my family just loves pudding.)

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