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Monday, January 31, 2011

Walmart Price and Coupon Matching Idea

I was at Walmart today and took advantage of their price matching and coupon policy. I was able to get 205.00 worth of stuff for only $27.00 plus tax (I have been sick so I just put away my groceries without taking a picture). Lets just say that I am now stocked up on Maxi Pads for a really long time. Here's an idea of a great way to get over $30.00 worth of products for just the tax.

Buy 4 Stayfree Maxi Pads $24.00 (if you purchase the ones that cost $6.00 each)
$10.00 worth of home related merchandise
Total: $34.00
Price match Rite Aid ad for Stayfree BOGO sale (it makes two for free)
use 2-Stay BOGO coupons from 1/2 SS
use $10.00/$30.00 World Market coupon from Sunday flyer (my Walmart will not let me use this on groceries)
Final: Just Pay Tax

Here's another idea but you will have to do it soon as the one of the coupons expires today:

Buy 4 Olay 2-pack bar soap $9.92 ($2.48 each)
Buy 4 Secret Deoderants $9.52 ($2.38 each)
2 Butterfinger Snackers around $.59 each
$10.00 worth of home merchandise
Total: $30.44
Price match Walgreens coupon for Snackers $.39 each
use $1.00/2 Snackers coupon from here
use 4- $2.00/1 Olay bar soap from 12/26 PG (this expires today 1/31)
use 4- Buy one bar soap get 1 Secret deodorant up to $3.00 free from 1/30 PG
use $10.00/$30.00 World Market coupon from Sunday's Flyer
final: Just Pay tax

(Side note: there may be possible overage if your store gives you the full value of the Snackers coupon so you may need a filler).

One of my favorite home items to buy using this coupon are these really high quality baking sheets. They are priced at $10.97 so only $.97 after the coupon. Attach some dollar store cookie cutters and you have a nice inexpensive gift.

I really love this new policy and hope that it will be around for awhile. I shop at the Overland store in Boise and know that the above scenarios will work there. Since it is Walmart your local store may not be very coupon friendly so YMMV. Good luck!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview 1/30

In this Sunday's paper there will be up to 5 coupon inserts in the paper. There is supposed to be 2 Redplum, 1 Smartsource, and a Proctor and Gamble. To see all the coupons that might be in your paper go here to Sunday Coupon Preview. My favorites include:

Jimmy Dean fully cooked product Save $1.50/1 (3/6)

Nestle Toll House refrigerated cookie dough Save $1/1 (2/14)

Redplum 2:
Keebler Crackers and/or Sunshine Cheez-it baked snack crackers 7.7oz or larger Save $1.00/2 (3/27)

Proctor and Gamble:
Save up to $29.99 Buy any ONE Vitality Rechargeable Toothbrush, Get any ONE Vitality Rechargeable Toothbrush FREE

Colgate Save $1.00 any Toothpaste 4.0 oz+ (2/19)

Soft-soap Liquid Hand Soaps Save $1.00/2 8 oz+(2/19)

Drugstore Deals Starting 1/30

This next week is a hot one for shopping drug stores. I am definitely going to Rite Aid. There are so many freebies I am hoping that at least some of the stuff will be left. If not then I guess that Walmart will be getting my business. We shall see.

This is what is looking good to me at Rite Aid:

Stayfree Maxi pads Buy one get one free
use BOGO from 1/09 SS
final: 2 for Free

Afrin $5.99 get $4.00 +up reward
use $3.00/1 here
also use $2.00/1 Video Values coupon

total out of pocket $$.99
get back a $4.00 +up reward
final: $3.01 moneymaker

Eddy's Ice Cream $2.99 get $2.00 +up reward also part of the spend $15.00 get $5.00 +up reward

Deal idea:
Buy 6 Eddy's Ice cream
Use $2.00 off any purchase -Winter Reward from here
also use 3-$1.00 off any purchase Video value coupon from here
pay $12.94 out of pocket
Get back 6-$2.00 +ups for the ice cream and one $5.00 +up for spending $15.00
final: $4.06 moneymaker

The above scenario will only work if your Rite Aid is really stocked up well on ice cream. I am not getting my hopes up to high on getting in on this deal as most in my area don't anticipate how many shoppers they will have and are not prepared. I may take this ad and just get the ice cream for $.99 at Walmart. Still a great price.

Go here to I heart rite aid for the rest of this weeks deals.

Go here to I heart wags to see the deals for Walgreens this week.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Stayfree Maxi Pads At Rite Aid

Starting this next Sunday you can score Stayfree Maxi Pads for free. They have this sale this time every year and I always stock up. Here's the deal:

Stayfree Pads Any Count Buy One Get One Free
use Buy one Stayfree Pad Get One Free from 1/09 SS
final: 2 for free

I was not able to get any of these a few weeks ago when there was a small moneymaker on them. I am anticipating that the shelves will be cleared very quickly. I have heard you can place an order with Rite Aid but have yet to find one which will actually do it for me. I am just hoping that all the shelve clearer's got theirs in the last sale and that I can pick up a few. I just thought I would give everyone a head up in case you wanted to buy some coupons on Ebay, if you buy them soon you should receive them in time for the sale. Also remember to get a rain check if they are out. The coupons last for awhile (til 3/31/11 to be exact) so hopefully everyone will be able to get what they need with a rain check.

Albertson's Sale Preview Starting 1/25

Pinching Your Pennies has the Albertson's preview for this next weeks sale up here. I am unsure if there will be doubles this weekend but if there are then we could see free Ragu and Skippy. Even without they are still a pretty good price. This is what I am liking this week:

Ragu $1.50
use $1.00/2 manufactures in ad coupon
final: $1.00

Skippy $1.50
use $1.00/2 manufactures in ad coupon
final: $1.00

There is also a General Mills promo which would make cereal below $1.00 a box if we get doubles and a spotlight saving promo buy 5 bet $5.00 off but nothing in that look too great to me. So I guess the moral of the story is cross your fingers and hope really hard for doubles!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview 1/23

There will be two coupon inserts this Sunday 1/23. One will be a Smartsource and one will be a Red Plum. As always this is just a list of what coupons could be in your paper; what you will actually get and the value depends on what area you live in. My favorites are in red.

RedPlum Coupon Insert

Ball Park products Save $1.00/2 (3/6)
Brillo Soap pads 10 ct or 18 ct Save $.55/1 (3/27)
Brillo Estraceli sponge products Save $1.00/2 (3/27)
Carolina River Rice Save $.50/1 (4/30)
Carolina Rice mixes Save $1.00/3 (4/30)
Disney vitamins Save $1.00/1 (3/8)
Ester-C powders, tablets or gummies Save $1.00/1 (3/8)
Eucerin hand or body product (2 oz = 16.9oz) Save $1.00/1 (3/19)
Flex-a-min tablets Save $3.00/1 (3/8)
Hillshire Farm smoked sausage Save $1.00/2 (2/28)
I-cool for menopause Save $2.00/1 (3/31)
Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Cereal 10.8 o/1 carton of eggs (7/31) L’Oreal Elnett hairspray 11oz. no 2.2oz trial size Save $3.00/1 (3/20) L’Oreal Ever Sleek, Ever Pure or Ever Strong Shampoo or Conditioner Save $2.00/1 (3/20) L’Oreal Ever Sleek, Ever Pure or Ever Strong Treatment Save $2.00/1 (3/20)
L’Oreal Healthy Look, Creme Gloss Color Save $2.00/1 (3/20)
L’Oreal Paris Eye cosmetic item Save $2.00/1 (3/20)
L’Oreal Paris Lash Boosting serum Save $2.00/1 (3/20)
L’Oreal Skincare Product Save $1.00/1 (3/20)
Minute Rice product Save $.50/1 (4/16)
M&M’s chocolate candies, snickers brand minis, twix minis 9.4oz or larger Save $1.50/2 (3/6)
Nature’s bounty vitamins any Save $1.00/1 (3/8)
Nature’s Your Life Multi any Save $2.00/1 (3/8)
Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce, Salsa, Lemonade, Marinade, popcorn or cereal Save $.50/1 (3/19)
Newman’s Own Salad dressing Save $.50/1 (3/19)
Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy Pizza Save $1.00/1 (3/19)
Newman’s Own Lighten Up! Salad Dressing Save $.50/1 (3/19)
Nutro Natural Choice Dry Cat food bag Save $3.00/1 (3/20)
Nutro Natural Choice dry Dog food bag Save $4.00/1 (3/20)
Osteo Bi-Flex caplets, softgel or powder no liquids Save $7.00/1 (3/8)
Pedigree + food for dogs cans Buy Two get One FREE up to Save $1.09 (2/28)
Pedigree food for dogs 8.8lb or larger bag Save $2.00/1 (2/28)
Pillsbury sugar free brownie mixes, cake mixes or frosting Save $1.00/2 (4/30)
SlimShots liquid portion control no 2-count Save $3.00/1 (3/31)
Snickers bar, almond bar, dark bar or peanut butter squared pack 1.76oz – 2.07oz and Get one Snickers Peanut Butter Squared pack (1.78oz) FREE Save $.99 (2/20)
Sundown or Marvel vitamins Save $1.00/1 (3/8)
Superpretzel product any Save $.50/1 (2/23)
Whiskas dry cat food bag Save $1.50/1 (3/19)
Whiskas tray any flavor Buy one Get one FREE Save $.69 (3/19)

SmartSource Insert

.55/1 Armour meatballs (exp 3/31)
$2 off Biz product (exp 2/6)
$1 off Biz product (exp 3/6)
.75/2 Blue Diamond Almonds 5/31)
$1/4 Campbell’s Chunky soup or Chili cans or bowls (exp 3/6)
$1 off Clearasil product (exp 4/17)
.35/1 Comet Cleanser or Spray (exp 3/31)
.50/2 Cottonelle bathroom tissue, 4 pks or (1) 12 pk. (exp 3/6)
.50/2 Cottonelle Flushable moist wipes (exp 3/6)
$1/10 Dannon single serve cups (exp 2/28)
$1 off Delsym Children’s or Adult product (exp 4/17)
$2 off Delsym 4-6 hr Night Time product (exp 4/17)
$1/2 EarthWise Entirely Natural Premium Fruit Juice beverage (exp 2/28)
$3 off Ensure product, 4 pk. (exp 3/6)
$3/2 Ensure product, multipk (exp 3/6)
B2G1 Ensure product, 4 pk, max $9.99 (exp 3/6)
$1 off Everybody’s Nuts product 7/31)
$1 off Farmland Hickory Smoked Bacon, 12-16 oz. (exp 3/12)
$1 off Finish Quantum (exp 2/28)
.75/1 Finish Powerball or Gelpac (exp 2/28)
.75/1 French’s Mustard dipping sauce (exp 4/30)
.75/1 French’s Worcestershire sauce (exp 3/31)
.30/1 French’s Classic mustard (exp 3/31)
.75/1 French’s condiment (exp 3/31)
$1 off Friskies cat treats (exp 4/24)
$1 off Friskies Indoor Adventures cat treats to Hairball Remedy (exp 4/24)
$1.50 off GoodNites product, jumbo pk. + (exp 2/19)
$1/2 Hormel Pepperoni pk. (exp 3/20)
$1.50 off Huggies diapers (exp 2/19)
$2 off Huggies Little Snugglers or Movers (exp 2/19)
.50/1 Huggies baby wipes, 64 ct. + (exp 2/19)
$2 off Huggies Pull Ups, jumbo + (exp 2/19)
.45/3 Hunts canned tomatoes (exp 3/13)
.50/1 Kix cereal (exp 3/5)
$1/2 Kozy Shack product 5/31)
$1/2 Kraft dressing (exp 2/20)
.75/1 Kraft Sandwich Shop mayo (exp 2/20)
$1 off Lindt Truffles, 5.1 oz. + (exp 4/30)
.75/1 Mariani Dried Fruit snacks (exp 3/31)
$2 off Nice ‘n Easy hair color (exp 2/28)
$1 off Oscar Mayer Carving Board meats (exp 3/20)
.50/2 Ortega product (exp 3/31)
.35/1 Pam Cooking spray (exp 3/13)
$1/2 Pantene product (exp 2/28)
$3 off Perfect 10 haircolor (exp 2/28)
Free Mail in Rebate wyb Pediasure product, max $13.99 (exp 3/6)
$1 off PediaCare product (exp 3/31)
.75/3 Pillsbury Refrigerated baked goods (exp 4/16)
.40/2 Pillsbury Italian meal breads (exp 4/16)
Free Purina Busy product max 7 oz. wyb Beggin’ product, max $3.99 (exp 4/24)
.75/1 Red Baron singles (exp 3/26)
$1 off Red Baron Pan Pizza or Pasta (exp 4/3)
$1/2 Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta (exp 3/31)
$1 off Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta (exp 3/31)
$1/2 Ronzoni Smart Taste pasta (exp 3/31)
.50/3 Rosarita beans (exp 3/13)
$1 off Sabra product, 8 oz. + (exp 2/28)
$1 off Scotch Lint roller (exp 4/15)
$1 off Scotch Pet Hair roller (exp 4/14)
$1.50 off Sucrets product (exp 4/30)
.50/1 Tai Pei Appetizer or Entree, single serve (exp 3/27)
$1 off Tai Pei Appetizer or Entree, multiserve (exp 3/27)
.50/1 General Mills Total cereal (exp 3/5)
$1 off Tyson Bagged Breaded Chicken strips (exp 4/30)
$1 off Tyson Anytizers Wings (exp 4/23)
$1 off Tyson Anytizers snacks (exp 4/23)
$3 off Woolite detergent, 50 oz. (exp 3/6)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Rite Aid Video Values Coupons Starting 1/23

Here's a list of the new Video Values coupons that will be available to get for Rite Aid starting Sunday. You can watch videos and earn these coupons from 1/23-2/26 but they don't expire until 3/26.

** The ones that I have highlighted in red will really come in handy with next weeks deals.

    $1 off Non-Prescription Purchasewhen you watch the Rx Services Video

    $1 off Non-Prescription Purchasewhen you watch the Wellness+ Video

    $1 off a Non-Prescription Purchasewhen you watch the winter Rewards Video

    Afrin $2 off

    alli Starter Kit $5 off

    Band Aid product AND Neosporin $1.50 off wyb both

    Band Aid Product OR Neosporin $.50 off

    Bark Off $1 off

    Bayer Aspirin $1 off

    Benefiber $1 off

    Betty Crocker Baking Items $1 off 2

    Cami Secret $1 off

    Claritin D $2 off

    Coricidin $2 off

    Cosamin $5 off

    Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 pk $1 off

    Crazy Critters $1 off

    Depend $2 off

    DermaSilk $5 off

    Dove Chocolates 3.53-24 oz $1 off 2

    Emery Cat Board $2 off

    Ester C $1 off

    Finish Items, any $1 off

    FlavoRX Flavoring for Children's Liquid Medication FREE

    Freedom Spray Mop $2 off

    GE Compact Fluorescent Bulbs $.50 off

    Heeltastic $1 off

    Hormel Chili, Dintry Moore Beef Stew or Hormel Pepperoni Stix $1 off 2

    Jif Peanut Butter $1 off 2

    Kleenex Facial Tissue 260 ct or Pocket 8 pk $1 off 2

    Libby's Fruit $.30 off

    Listerine Adult, Reach Total Care Floss 30 yd, or Reach Total Care $1 off

    Listerine Kids $1 off

    L'oreal Youth Code $5 off

    L'Oreal Youth Code Kit $10 off

    Lysol Hand Soap Kits $1 off

    Micro Force Shaver $1 off

    Micro Touch Max Trimmer $1 off

    Mucinex $1.50 off

    Nature made Cholestoff $2 off

    Nature made Fish Oil $3 off

    Nature's Bounty $1 off

    Oberto Beef Jerky $.50 off

    one A Day Vitamin $1 off

    Oreo 16.6 oz $1 off 2

    Osteo Bi-flex $3 off

    Pillow Pets $2 off

    Poise $2 off

    Snickers Marathon Bars $1 off 4

    Snuggies $4 off

    Starburst Singles $.25 off

    Swivel Sweeper $5 off

    Uncle Ben's Rice $.30 off

    Vicks Vaporizers or Humidifiers $5 off

    Viva Paper Towel 8 pk $1 off

    Wonderfile $2 off

    Yoshi Blade $1 off

    A big thanks to I heart Rite Aid for this list!

Free Football Jello Mold

Head over here to score a free football Jello mold which will be mailed to you (limit one per household). This is an offer through so once the word is out then it will be gone fast. I would recommend heading over there as soon as possible if you want one.

My kids love jello and especially jello that is shaped into something. Perhaps some sugar free Jello will distract them from wanting to eat all the leftover Christmas candy we have. A girl can dream right.

Thanks Southern Savers for this deal!

Cheap Chicken At Albertson's

If you need chicken this would be a great week to get it at Albertson's. Their boneless skinless chicken breast is on sale at the butcher block for $1.99 a lb. and there is a $2.00/$10.00 Albertson's brand product coupon in their new "Savings For A Better You" coupon booklet located in stores. Here's the deal:

Buy $10.00 worth of chicken (get it as close to $10.00 without going under as possible)
Roughly 5.1 lbs. = $10.14
use $2.00/$10.00 Albertson's brand purchase located in stores
final: $8.14 or only $1.60 which is a personal stock up price

I was at the Albertson's at the end of Meridian road on Fairview yesterday getting juice for my daughter and they had a lot of the booklets there (located in the front of the store in a display). I just want to remind everyone to be kind and share. Chicken deals come around a lot so there is no need to take all of the coupon books. Share the coupons please!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Drugstore Deals Next Week 1/23

My family is going out of town at the end of the week and I have been forced to do my planning really early this week. I made one stop to Rite Aid this week and only bought 1 thing because everything else was out of stock. However this leaves me with a problem that I have tons of +up rewards to use by the 29th so I have to use them up when we return from our trip. Hopefully they will still have stuff in stock still on Monday morning when I normally do my shopping. I have noticed lately that the shelves have been cleared faster than normal. It has been really frustrating to coupon shop in Idaho lately.

Go here to I heart rite aid to see Rite Aid matchups.

Go here to I heart wags to see the Walgreens matchups.

Albertson's Preview Starting 1/19

Pinching Your Pennies has the Albertson's preview up here. The sale starts tomarrow but I am not really impressed. There is a Quaker sale but no coupons really to go with it. If there are doubles we may be able to score a few things but mostly it is a bust for me. This best deal I see is this:

Buy 5 Save $3.00 Quaker Sale
Quaker Oatmeal $2.50/$1.90 after buying 5
use $1.00/1 from 1/2 RP (did not get locally)
final; $.90

Since we didn't get these coupons in our are then you will have to order them off of Ebay. If you order them today then they should hopefully get to you by the end of the sale. If they put out doublers on Sunday well then that changes things and this becomes a smoking deal. I however have not heard any rumors of doubles so we will just have to wait and see.

***Quaker Sale update***

There is a new catalina for Quaker starting Friday!

Quaker Oatmeal Catalina(any);
January 21-February 13

  • Buy 3, Get $1 Catalina
  • Buy 4, Get $2 Catalina
  • Buy 5+, Get $3 Catalina
The catalina makes them 5 for $1.50 or $.30 each!

Thanks A Thrifty Mom!

If you have coupons for the oatmeal then this will be a smoking hot deal. Just remember not to shop until Friday as that is when the catalina will be starting. If only my family would eat the stuff.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bountiful Basket Sign Up Starts Today

Just a reminder to everyone that Bountiful basket sign ups start today and run through Tuesday night at 10 pm. I am really sad that I won't be able to get one this week because we will be out of town. Here's a list of what I got last week:

1 pineapple
4 apples
1 bunch asparagus
4 Asian pears (my favorite)
1 bunch spinach
1 bunch leaf lettuce
3 butternut squash - on the smaller side
3 lb. bag of pears
7 tangerines
8 kiwis
8 sweet peppers
small carton of cherry tomatoes

I only paid $16.50 for all of this produce. And it is so yummy. I would hurry and order yours now before they run out, as they are gone rather quickly. Go here to order.

Cheap Milk at Paul's

I just realized today that there is a great deal on milk at Paul's market through Tuesday. It's even for the name brand stuff which we never buy. Here's the deal:

Meadow Gold Viva Milk gallon $1.98
use $1.00/1 from 1/9 SS
final: $.98

Is is sad but I remember when that used to be the regular price for a gallon of milk. I am feeling so old right now!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cheap Paper From Staples Today Only!

(This post is dedicated to my friend Tami who is an awesome teacher and who just this week said her school was already out of paper for the year!)

Today only you can take advantage of some super cheap paper at Staples. You will have to use an Office Depot coupon (most take competitors coupons) from here. Locally I have had no trouble using competitors coupons and my favorite store is on Milwaukee in Boise.
Here's the deal:

Staples Multi-purpose paper cases are $46.99 with a $27 EASY REBATE (limit 2) ending today 1/15/11.

Staples Multipurpose Paper $46.99
- $18.80 using Office Depot 40% off coupons
total = $28.19, submit for $27 EASY REBATE = $1.19

The rebates for Staples are really easy to do online!

You will then get back a 10% reward for buying paper from them so it is really free. This can be done twice if you need that much paper just print two of the Office Depot coupons (they may make you do two transactions).

Although you have to spend a bit out of pocket you will get it all back. I have done this so many times and am able to donate paper that I got for free or almost free to my son's school. I love Staples.

Thanks Maven of Savin for this deal!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hot: Glad Trash Bags Price Match At Walmart

Earlier this week I posted the price matching I did at Walmart this week and I mentioned how to get Glad Force Flex Bags for cheap. Well there is this new coupon for $3.00/1 any size that should make for some really cheap trash bags.

Glad Force Flex 65 count Trash Bags $8.97
Price match for $4.99 from Fred Meyer in ad coupon (coupon from back page)
use$3.00/1 from here (hit back button to print 2)
final: $1.99 or only $.03 per bag

The Fred Meyer coupon is only good through Saturday so if you want in on this deal then I would print it now and head over there soon. As always Walmarts can vary on how they handle coupons drastically so this deal may not work for everyone. If not you could also take it to Fred Meyer and do the same deal . Trash bags have been on my list of things I want to stock up on for awhile now but they never seem to be at a price that I want to pay for them. That's why I am so very excited about this coupon!

Cheap Dixie Plates at Rite Aid Starting 1/16

I don't buy paper plates on a normal basis as we are trying to be more environmentally friendly but if I can get them for really cheap then I like to have some on hand just in case. This next week at Rite Aid Dixie paper plates will be really cheap and I am going to try to score some.

Buy 2 Dixie Plates priced around $3.99 each
on sale for buy one get one free
use $3.00/2 Ad perks coupon January (you have to watch a video to print the coupon)
final: $.99 for 2 packs of plates

We used to be able to get paper plates for free all the time in the past but lately there seem to be no sales on them. So I will be happy to restock a few of these.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plan Ahead: Next Weeks Drug Store Deals

For those of you who are early planners like me here are the ad previews for Walgreens and Rite Aid next week. I have $18.00 in +up rewards that I have to spend so hopefully I can find a good way to roll them. I was planning on using them this week but all the good deals were cleared out at my local store. Plus I have been trying to stick to my only shopping one day a week plan. So far this week I had to go to the store twice. (My husband needed snacks for a scout hike and wanted peanuts.) Hopefully next week I will meet my goal.

Go here to I heart rite aid for Rite Aid's deals.

Go here to I heart Wags for Walgreens deals.

Sunday Coupon Preview 1/16

In this Sunday's paper there will be two coupon inserts one Smart Source and one Proctor and Gamble. This is an idea of what might be in the paper; as always what your area actually gets and the value of the coupon may vary. My favorites are in red.

Smart Source

$5 Rebate form on Nature Made Products- must be received by 3-18-11
AcneFree $1/1 non-kit treatment ex 2-28-11
AcneFree $3/1 kit ex 2-28-11
All Laundry Detergent $1.50/1 (84 oz or larger) ex 2-27-11
All Laundry Detergent $1/1 ex 2-27-11
Blistex $.35/1 ex 3-31-11
Bob Evan’s Refrigerated Side Dishes $1/2 ex 2-27-11
Bob Evans Sausage $1/2 ex 2-27-11
Brita $4/1 (any pitcher or faucet-mount system) ex 2-27-11
Butterball $.55/1 ex 4-17-11
Butterball $1/1 Fully cooked turkey breast ex 4-17-11
Celestial Seasonings Tea $1/1 box ex 4-16-11
Chi-Chi’s Salsa $1/1 ex 3-13-11
Chi-Chi’s tortillas $.50/1 ex 3-13-11
Colgate Total $1/1 ex 2-5-11
Curel $1/1 (3.5 or larger) ex3-5-11
DenTek Floss Pick $1/1 ($2 or more) ex 3-31-11
Dreamfield pasta $.55/1 ex 3-19-11
Dulcolax $1/1 ex 4-30-11
Dulcolax $3/2 ex 4-30-11
Duncan Hines 100% Whole Grain Muffin Mix $1/1 ex 4-16-11
Duncan Hines Amazing Glazes $1/1 ex 4-16-11
Grande Tortilla Chips $1.50/2 ex 3-31-11
I-Caps $2/1 ex 3-31-11
Jergens $1/1 (7.5 or larger) ex 3-5-11
Jose Ole $1/1 (16 oz or larger) ex 3-15-11
Kotex $1.50/2 liners ex 2-28-11
Kotex $1.50/2 security tampons ex 2-28-11
Kotex $2/2 pads ex 2-28-11
Kraft Deli Fresh Natural Slices $.75/1 ex 2-20-11
Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese $1/1 ex 2-16-11
Lime-A-Way $.50/1 ex 3-27-11
Louisiana Hot Sauce $1/2 (12 oz bottles) ex 4-1-11
Louisiana Wing Sauce $1/1 ex 4-1-11
Mucinex $1/1 ex 4-16-11
Opti-Free ReplinISH twin pack $4/1 ex 3-31-11
Ricola $1/2 ex 4-30-11
Schick Quattro for women razor or refill $2/1 ex 3-5-11
Scott Bath Tissue $1/1 (8 or more rolls) ex 2-27-11
Scott Natural Flushable Wipes $.50/1 ex 2-27-11
Scott Paper Towels $1/1 (4 or more rolls) ex 2-27-11
Skintimate Cream Shave $1/1 ex 3-5-11
Skintimate Shave Gels $1/2 ex 3-5-11
Smart Balance Buttery Spreads or Sticks $1/2 ex 3-2-11
Smart Balance Cooking Oil or Spray $.75/1 ex 3-2-11
Smart Balance Milks $1.50/1 ex 3-2-11
Smart Balance Omega Plus Light Mayo $.75/1 ex 3-2-11
Smart Balance Popcorn $.75/1 ex 3-2-11
Smart Balance Rich Roast Peanut Butters $.75/1 ex 3-2-11
Snuggle $2/2 (liquid or dryer sheets) ex 3-13-11
Snyder’s Pretzels $1.50/3 ex 3-31-11
Sunny d $.25/1 ex 4-30-11
Surf $1/1 ex 2-27-11
Systane $2/1 ex 3-31-11
Welch’s Fruit Snacks $1/1 (40 count box) ex 3-30-11
Welch’s Fruit Snacks or Fruit ‘n Yogurt Snacks $1/2 ex 3-30-11
Welch’s Healthy Start 100% Juice $1/1 ex 4-30-11
Welch’s Refrigerated Juice Cocktail $1/1 ex 4-30-11
White Castle Micro Burgers $.50/1 (6pack) ex 4-16-11
Zantac $2/1 ex 4-30-11 (24 or larger) also says there is a $5.00 coupon at
Zone Single Bar or Multi-Pack $.55/1

Proctor and Gamble

$1.00/1 Covergirl
$1.00/2 Zest bodywash, or 3 bar packs, or 2 handsoap
$1.00/2 Ivory bodywash, or 3 bar packs, or 2 handsoap
$3.00/1 Olay Regenerist
$1.00/1 Olay Facial
$1.00/1 Nyquil
$1.00/1 Dayquil
$1.00/1 Vicks
$1.00/1 Prilosec
$10.00/1 Crest Whitestrips 2 hour express
$1.00/1 Crest Toothpaste
$4.00/1 Pur
$2.00/1 Pur Pitcher or Faucet Mount Filters
$1.00/1 Cheer Detergent
$.20/1 Gain Dishsoap
BOGO Febreze Fabric Refresher Free up to $5.50
BOGO Febreze Noticeables Refill Free up to $3.29
$1.00/1 Febreze Candle
$5.00/1 Febreze Flameless Luminary Starter Kit
$2.00/1 Febreze Home Collection Diffuser
$2.00/1 Febreze Home Collection Candle
$1.00/2 Pringles
$1.00/2 Pringles Snack Stack/Stix
$1.00/2 Pringles Fat Free

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Albertson's Preview Starting 1/12

Pinching Your Pennies has the Albertson's preview up here. They are also reporting that there are three twice the value coupons in the ad. Can't wait to see if we get them for real. Hopefully it will make this next week at Albertson's much better than the last few.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few Walmart Price Match Deals

While at Walmart today I was able to score some really great deals using coupons and price matching. I know that not all Walmarts are coupon friendly so YMMV with these deal ideas. I can confirm that you should be able to do them at the Overland Walmart in Boise (this is where I went and was able to do every deal below).

Lysol Wipes, All Purpose Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner $2.00
Price Match BOGO sale from Walgreens (page 5)
Will make it two for $2.00
use various $1.00/2 coupons from 1/02 SS
final: 2/$1.00 or $.50 each

Glad Force Flex 65 count Trash Bags $8.97
Price match for $4.99 from Fred Meyer in ad coupon (coupon from back page)
use $2.00/1 from here (if you already printed it)
final: $2.99 or only $.05 per bag

Kelloggs Special K Cereal - Price Varies
price match BOGO sale from Rite Aid (on the front of the ad)
use BOGO coupon here
final: 2 for free

Bountiful Basket Sign Up Starts Today

Just a reminder now through Tuesday night at 10:00 pm you can go here to sign up for your Bountiful Basket. They are going quick (only 10 left in my area) so if you want one I would sign up now. I don't have a picture but last week was totally awesome. Fresh berries, and pinnapple and brussel sprouts made me really excited. I just love getting my produce this way (and my husband is even on board for this one, he actually will go pick it up himself if I can't make it. What an awesome guy.)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Drugstore Deals Next Week 1/09

This next week is the week to shop at Rite Aid. (For me it seems every week though). There will be lots of freebies and cheap stuff. I am actually a bit excited about it.

Go here to I Heart Rite Aid view Rite Aid's Deals.

Go here to I Heart Wags to view Walgreens deals.

I also wanted to mention to those of you who may not know but both of these sites will have the scans of the ads and coupon match ups normally weeks before the sale. If you really want to plan ahead for your shopping I would highly recommend stopping by there to see what deals are coming up. This is how I (and many other blogs) know about many of the deals in advance. Happy Shopping!

Sunday Coupon Preview 1/09

This Sunday there will be two coupon inserts in the paper; one Smartsource and one Redplum.
As always this is just an idea of what will be out there. The actual coupon and amount may vary by area. My favorites are in red.


Carbona tough acting Oven Cleaner Save $1.00/1 (4/9)
Carbona 2-in-1 Oven rack and grill cleaner Save $2.00/1 (4/9)
Endust Product Save $1.00/1 (2/20)
Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer Save $1.00/1 (6/1)
Get One Gatorade Perform or G2 FREE When you buy One Gatorade Prime (4oz) AND One Gatorade Recover (16 oz) value Save $1.29 (3/31)
Hillshire Farm Deli Select lunchmeat (8oz or larger ) Save $1.00/2 (2/12)
Keebler and/or Sunshine 100 calorie Right Bites Snacks 6 ct or larger any flavor mix or match Save $1.00/2 (3/6)
Kellogg’s cereals any packages Save $1.00/3 (2/20)
L’Oreal Preference any shade Save $3.00/1 (3/6)
Maybelline New York Mascara Save $1.00/1 (3/9)
Met-Rx bars Buy One Get One Free value to Save $2.39 (2/20)
OneTouch Delica Lancets any Save $3.00/1 (2/5)
OneTouch Ultra Meter Save $10.00/1 (2/5)
Pedigree Jumbone treats for dogs any size or pack Save $1.00/1 (3/5)
Pedigree Marrobone treats for dogs any size Save $1.00/1 (3/5)
Pure Protein powder or shake Save $1.00/1 (2/20)
Pure Protein Bars Buy One Get One FREE value to Save $1.69 (2/20)
Renuzit Adjustables air fresheners buy TWO 2 or 3 packs and get ONE of the same size FREE (B2G1FREE) value Save $4.17 (1/23)
Renuzit Adjustables air fresheners ALL SINGLES Buy 3 of the same size get 3 FREE (B3G3FREE) value Save $4.17 (1/23)
Sara Lee pre-sliced meat Save $1.00/1 (2/28)
Scotties facial tissues 5 boxes or 2 multipacks Save $1.00 (2/15)
Buy TWO Secret Flawless Scent Expressions, Fresh Effects or Smooth Effects Deodorant GET One Secret FREE (excludes Clincial strength, soothing effects and base deodorant) value to Save $5.00 (2/28)
Soft Scrub products Save $1.00/2 (2/19)
Temptations Treats for cats Buy One Get One Free value Save $2.19 (2/21)
Uncle Ben’s Plain White or Brown Rice product Save $1.00/1 (3/6)
Whole Fruit Fruit bars Save $.50/1 (3/1)
Whole Fruit Sorbet Save $.50/1 (3/1)


All Natural Almond Accents Save $.50/1 (5/31/11)
Barilla Plus Save $.55/1 (3/7/11)
Benefiber Save $2/1 (2/26/11)
Benefiber Stick Save $2/1 (2/26/11)
Bic Disposable Shaver B1G1F to Save $6.99 (2/6/11)
Cold Buster Warming Syrup Save $2/1 (4/3/11)
Cream of Wheat Hot Cereal Save $1/1 (3/31/11)
Depends Guards for Men Save $1/1 (2/19/11)
Depend Underwear in Prints and Colors 6 ct Save $2/1 (2/19/11)
Dole Fruit Crisp Save $.75/1 (3/31/11)
Excedrin 20 ct Save $.75/1 (2/26/11)
Excedrin 80 ct Save $1.50/1 (2/26/11)
Finish Dishwasher Cleaner Save $1/1 (3/6/11)
Finish Jet-Dry Rinse Agent or Turbo Dry Save $.40/1 (3/6/11)
Garnier Herbashine Save $3/1 (4/9/11)
Gas-X Save $1/1 (4/30/11)
Gas-X Prevention Save $1/1 (4/30/11)
Jello Pudding, Gelatin or Mousse Snacks 6 packs Save $.60/2 (2/9/11)
Ken’s Dressing 16 oz Save $1/1 (2/28/11)
Ken’s Marinade Save $1/1 (2/28/11)
Ken’s Dressing 8 oz Save $1/1 (2/28/11)
Lysol No Touch Hand Soap System Starter Kit Save $3/1 (2/8/11)
Lysol NeutraAir Fabric Mist Save $1/1 (2/8/11)
Lysol NeutraAir Aerosol Can Save $1.50/1 (2/8/11)
Maalox Save $5/1 (3/1/11)
MidNite or MidNite PM Save $1/1 (7/31/11)
Olivio Save $.55/1 (3/9/11)
Philips Sonicare FleCare+ or FlexCare REchargeable Toothbrush Save $15/1 (4/30/11)
Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush excludes Xtreme battery Save $10/1 (4/30/11)
Philips Sonicare Brush Heads or Philips Sonicare Xtreme Battery Toothbrush Save $5/1 (4/30/11)
Post cereals Save $1/2 (2/20/11)
Post cereals kids Save $1/2 (2/20/11)
Prevacid 24HR Save $3/1 (2/12/11)
Purina Chef Michael’s canine Creations dry dinner 4.5 lb bag Save $2/1 (2/6/11)
Purina Chef Michael’s Canine Creations Dry DInners 11.5 lb bag Save $4/1 (2/6/11)
Purina Chef Michael’s Canine Creations cans Save $1/4 (2/6/11)
Resolve High Traffic Foam Save $1/1 (2/20/11)
Resolve Save $.75/1 (2/20/11)
Sinus Buster or Allergy Buster Nasal Spray Save $3/1 (4/3/11)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Birthday Cake!

(No there's nothing wrong with your computer I just couldn't get the picture to rotate)

This week was my Birthday and normally I let my husband get me a cake. This year however I have been watching a lot of the show "Cake Boss" and was really excited to make my own birthday cake. I also wanted to try my hand at making fondant. Since it is a cake just for my small family I decided to not make it very big. I think that it turned out pretty well considering I had about a million interruptions while trying to make it. It was supposed to look zebra stripped but somehow it turned out more dalmatian. I am just going to call it animalish print.

I made the cake part (sour cream pound cake) from scratch which cost me about $.50 for all the ingredients. Since I had to buy stuff to make the fondant it cost me about$3.00 to make and the frosting for the inside cost about $.28. So for a fancy and yummy I might add cake it only cost around $3.78. Not too shabby since the cheapest already make cake at most stores costs over $5.00.

I had a lot of fun making this cake. Now only if we had more reasons to make cakes then I could try even more fun ideas.

Albertson's Sale Preview Starting 1/5

Pinching Your Pennies has the Albertson's sale preview up. Go here to view a preview list. The sale prices are effective starting 1/05. I have to say that I've been pretty disappointed with Albertson's lately. I haven't heard anything about doublers but even that may not get me there this next week. Have a look and see for yourself. Oh well all weeks can't be winners.

Free Special K Next Week at Rite Aid

I have been looking for a good cereal deal and I think that next week will be the one at Rite Aid. I am hoping to score four free boxes here's how:

There is a new BOGO Special K coupon. Do this to get it:

  1. Visit Special K challenge and make sure you are not logged in.
  2. Click “Start your plan”
  3. Choose this plan, click next
  4. Select your start date, click next
  5. Save your plan, upper right corner
  6. Fill in your information, must create NEW account.
  7. Now there are a few survey pages, which you can take or choose “skip” at the bottom of each page.
  8. Click “Print Coupon Now” and you’ll be taken to a standard ‘bricks coupon’.
  9. Use your back button to print the coupon twice.
(Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady for the steps above and to see how to get cereal cheaply at Target and Rite Aid this week as well. )

The deal:
Special K Cereal on Sale Buy on Get one Free at Rite Aid (starting 1/9)
use 2 Buy one get one free cereal coupons from above
final: 4 free cereals

These coupons are smoking hot so print now and save it for next week. If you can't find the Special K at your Rite Aid next week then I would suggest trying to price match it at Walmart.
But of course that path is highly your millage may vary! Yay for free cereal.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Clearance At Hobby Lobby

I was out today at Hobby Lobby picking up glycerin to make fondant for a cake I am making (check back later this week to see if it turned out) and to my surprise they had all of their Christmas stuff clearanced to 80% off. I was able to pick up lots of stuff for next year for cheap. The Meridian store was packed with shoppers getting in on the sale so if you want in on it I would head over there soon before it is gone.

While your there use this coupon to get 40% off any regular priced item. I used mine on a fondant smoother.

I am such a sucker for Hobby Lobby and all of their great deals. It's a good thing that I don't live really close to one or we'd be broke.

Walmart Price Matching = My New Favorite Thing

Recently I have been loving going to Walmart and taking advantage of their price match policy. I have gotten so many things that were sold out at other stores easily. Of course I have found a Walmart and a cashier that are awesome (Overland store in Boise); so that is really why I love to go there now.

It is kind of crazy because I am the same person who boycotted Walmart for two years because of a bad experience that I had. But as long as I am treated well then I will continue to shop there, time will tell.
I got this great deal today, but I am a bit hesitant on posting it because it really is going to depend on your particular Walmart and the people who work there. If they are trained well with coupons then it should be easy sailing. Here's what I did:

6 Electrisol Tabs $1.99 price matched with Walgreens
-(my Walmart price matches to the price after the Register Reward but you could still price match the $2.99 price and get it for a great deal)

Coupons used 6 - $2.25/1 Electrosol from the 1/2 SS.
-(They did not give overage but adjusted the coupon down to $1.99.)
total: 6 for free.

If your Walmart will not give you the $1.99 price then you will pay only $.74 each, which is still an awesome price for something that is normally $4.42 there!

Bountiful Basket Sign Up Starts Today

I just thought that I would remind everyone that the Bountiful Basket sign up is today and they are really going quick. They went on sale at noon and the ones for my are only had about 27 left. So if you want to get one I would head over here and snag it now. I am so ready for mine since they haven't had it for two weeks. I hate buying fruits and veggies now at regular price. Plus I really miss all the variety they offer.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Back: My Favorite Cheese Coupon

For those in Idaho and Utah there's exciting news the $1.00/2lbs. of any variety cheese coupon is back here. I would print it now (remember you can print it twice) and save it for a sale. If you are willing to go out today or tomorrow and got the Press Tribune yesterday (which are good til 1/02) then you can do this deal:

Buy 1 Tillamook Brand Cheese 2lb. (medium chedder) $3.99 with in ad coupon (limit 1 )
use $1.00/2lbs. from here
final: $2.99 or only $1.50 per pound (this is my personal stock up price)

I will keep my eyes out for any more great deals to use this coupon.

Fred Meyer also has Fresh Express Salads or Salad kits for only $1.00. Use the $.50/1 coupon here (it's a Smartsource coupon) and score some greens for only $.50!

Winco And Coupon Overage

Right before Christmas I had to stop by Winco (the one in Meridian) to pick up a couple of things. While there they had the Holiday Glade room sprays for only $.68 each and right next to them they had one coupon for $3.00 off of three. I thought hey free room spray and picked three up. To my surprise the cashier gave me the full $3.00 off instead of letting the computer adjust the coupon down which the computer will normally do automatically ( and what has happened every time that I had gone there before). She told me that it is policy at their store that you get the full amount of the coupon since they get reimbursed for the total amount no matter what. She also told me that most cashiers don't know this and that if they don't adjust the coupon to get the manager. I went home happy with my purchase.

The next day I had to go back to Winco for something that I forgot and decided to bring along my coupons from home to buy more of the room spray for my mother in law. When I went to the register the coupon automatically adjusted the price down and I asked the cashier about it. She had no clue whether or not she could give me the whole coupon amount and called over the manager. The manager was awesome and said that they should always give the whole price of the coupon and showed the girl how to change the coupon amount. I was so happy and thought that I should pass this along. I can't guarantee that you won't get a grouchy cashier or a rude manager but from what I can gather they should be doing this and it is worth the try. I also not sure if this is this Winco store specific or if all of them will do this so it is highly your millage may vary. But if you can keep a cool head and have a bit of patience then I say bring on the coupon overage. Yay!