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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Coupon Lingo: What In The World Am I Talking About

If you have read some of my posts you may be confused on some of the terms that I use when talking about coupons. Like what is BOGO and is an SS or a RP something that is contagious?
For those of you that are feeling a bit confused here are a few commonly used coupon terms and their meaning.

BOGO = Buy One Get One Free

Cat = A coupon that is printed from a machine at the register (normally a smaller machine to the side of the register). Is referred to as a cat or Catalina because the company who makes them is called Catalina.

Overage = Refers to an item that is priced lower than the coupon price and instead of adjusting the coupon to be the price of the item; the store allows you to use that amount toward the rest of your purchase.

For example if you buy a .50 candy bar and use a coupon for .55 on it then the .05 on the amount of the coupon goes towards your total purchase. Not all stores allow you to do this.

Doubler = Refers to a Twice the Value Coupon from Albertson's, it can be used to double the
amount of a coupon up to 1.00.

For example if you have a .75 coupon then they will increase the value of the coupon to 1.50 but if you have a coupon for 1.10 then they will not double it because it is over 1.00.

OYNO = Means on your next order. Often you will get coupons from particular stores that will give you a certain amount off of your next purchase at their store. These usually print when you have purchased certain items.

RR = Stands for Register Reward. A Walgreens coupon that is printed from a small machine by the register. Is a lot like a catalina coupon and can only be used at Walgreens. When using a register rewards the important thing to know is that it can only be used on items that are not the same as the one you purchased to generated the register reward in the first place if you want to get another register reward will not print out.

For example if you buy lets say shaving cream and get a 2.00 register reward; then you buy the same shaving cream using the 2.00 register reward you just got; then a new register reward will not print out. This is the case on 99% of the time, there will be a glitch in the system on occasion though.

Rolling a Coupon = When a catalina coupon or other store coupon prints at a register and then you use that coupon to pay for your next transaction of the the same product in order to produce another coupon. I do this a lot at Albertson's.

Coupon Insert Names and Abreviations

Red Plum = RP

Smart Source = SS

Proctor and Gamble = P&G

When posting information about a coupon I will normally put the date and then which insert it came from. For example 4/11 RP, meaning that it was in the April 11th Red Plum.

This is the terminology that I typically use. I will add to this post if I have missed anything.

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