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Monday, May 31, 2010

Rayovac Coupon Possibly Reset

The $1.00/1 Rayovac coupon on Facebook has reset! Just go here and scroll down and you will see the coupon on the right side of the page. The 2-4 ct. packages of Rayovac batteries are priced around $1.00 at Walmart and Target so you should be able to score some FREE batteries!

(Thanks Pirates of the Supermarket!)

Not A Lot of Posts Today

Today I am traveling home today from seeing family in Idaho Falls.
I don't have very good acxess to a computer on the road so there won't be very many posts today.
I will be hopefully be back to it full swing tomorrow.

I am completely wiped out and will probably sleep on the way home (my husband likes to drive).
Isn't it funny how just a simple trip can throw you so off.

(Just so no one worries no babies were driving in the making of this post!)

Doubles Have Arrived

I have already posted the rumor that we might get doubles well I am happy to say that the rumors are true. There were three Twice the Value coupons for Albertson's in yesterday's paper.
I have already posted some ideas of what to use them on here, but it is such a hot week that I have even more ideas.
My favorites are in red.

Weber Grill Seasonings $1.00
Use $1.00/2 from 5/23 SS

use 1 doubler

final: 2 for free

Suave Body Wash $1.69
Use $.50 off from 5/23 RP
use 1 doubler
final: $.69

Suave Deoderant $1.69
Use $.75 from 5/23 RP

use 1 doubler

final: $.19

Starbucks Ice Cream $3.00
Use $1.00 from 5/23 SS
use 1 doubler
final: $1.00

Bryers Smooth and Dreamy $3.00 each
Use $1.00/2 from 5/23 SS
use 1 doubler
final: $2.00 each when you buy 2

Hershey's Syrup - buy 2 get 1 Free - $1 each
buy 6 use 3- $1/2 (5/23 SS) final price: 6 for free (super hot)
Your millage may vary depending on if your store lets you use the coupons on the free ones.

Crystal Light on the go packs $2.50

$1/1 Crystal Light Pure Fitness Drink Mix printable (if this variety is included)

$1/1 Crystal Light Fitness Drink printable (IE) or printable (FF)

$1/1 Crystal Light Product printable (IE) or printable (FF)

use 1 doubler
final: $.50

Happy Memorial Day!

I just thought that I would take a minute and remind everyone why we have this holiday. Sure it is nice to get a day off of work and the kids love to have a three day weekend but this holiday is about so much more.
Today we celebrate the women and men who died serving their country. What a great sacrifice those service men and women have made in order to keep our country free.

I found this quote that really summarizes this day:

The story of America's quest for freedom is inscribed on her history in the blood of her patriots. -Randy Vader

So while you are out at your BBQ's, fishing on the lake or just relaxing at home take a minute to remember those who have died in order for you to be able to do those things.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have a Wonderful Sunday!

Happy Sunday to All!

It looks like we have a busy couponing week ahead of us.
Take some time to day to relax and spend time with your family.

Tune in tomorrow for some great match ups!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Ritz Munchables Coupon just released a $1.00/1 Ritz Munchables Coupon! These often go on sale for around $1.99 so only $0.99 after coupon! If your store doubles them possibly free. If you know of any good sales for this product please let us know! Try zip 9c0210 if needed.

(Thanks Hip 2 Save!)

Rite Aid Matchups 5/30

Here are the matchups for Rite Aid this week .
I had a hard time reading the ad on the internet (I couldn't see all the pages for some reason).
You can go here to see a copy of the ad.
I only listed the items that I thought were the best deals.

Huggies Diapers Jumbo Pack $8.99
use $3.00/1 coupon from (if you already printed it)
pay : $5.99
Get $2.00 single check rebate
final: $3.99
Limit 1 rebate

Buy 1 Garnier Skin Renew Moisturizer $10.99 get pure cleansing towelettes free
use 2 - $2.00/1 coupons from Rite Aid Video Values
Final: $6.99 for both

Stayfree Maxi pads $1.99
use $1.00/1 Stayfree any product 4/25 SS
final: $.99

Carefree Panyliners $1.99
use $1.00/1 from 4/25 SS
final: $.99

Gain Laundry Detergent $4.99
use $1.00/1 from 4/25 RP
final: $3.99

Aleve Buy one get one free
use 2 - $2.00/1 Aleve 80 count or larger from 5/2 SS
final: unkown

Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner or stylers 2/$7.00
use $2.00/1 Naturals (if this variety is included) here Video Values coupon May
final: $1.50

Deal idea:
Buy 5 Tressume Naturals 17.50
buy 1 Carefree pantyliner $1.99
buy 2 Three Musketters Candy Bars 1.00
use $5.00/$20.00 here video values coupon
use 5 $2.00/1 tressume here -video values coupon May
use 2 $.25/1 Three Musketters candy bars (unsure on the insert date)
use $1.00/1 Carefree from 4/25 SS
final: $3.50
Thats an 82% savings.

Trident White Multipack Gum 2/$4.00
use $1.00/1 Trident from 4/11 SS
final: $1.00

Aveeno 20% off
use various Aveeno coupons from 4/25 SS or 5/16 RP
final: unkown

Scotch Coupons

There are lots of new Scotch coupons.

Go here to sign up. You should then receive an email with the following coupons:

Save $1.00 when you buy a roll of Scotch double sided tape
Save $.50 when you buy one roll of Scotch packaging Tape
Save $1.00 when you buy one Scotch popup tape dispenser
Save $1.00 when you buy one Scotch reusable strips, tabs or sheet
Save $1.00 when you buy one Scotch brand scissors
Save $2.00 when you buy one Scotch easy grip packaging tape dispenser
Save $.50 when you buy one package of Scotch self sealing laminating pouches

I'll keep my eyes peeled for some places to use them.

Free Full Size Item at Bath and Body Works

I love Bath and Body Works and they always seem to have a great coupon.
There is a great coupon HERE for a free full size body care item with any $10.00 purchase.

(Thanks Discount Queens!)

Walgreens Deal Scenario

So here is my scenario for all the great deals at Walgreens starting tomorrow week.
This is how I "roll" my Register Rewards.

Transaction 1:
Buy 1 Ecotrin $2.00
use $2.00/1 from
final: free
Get $2.00 RR

Transaction 2:
Buy 1 Walgreens A to Z Multivitamins 60 ct. $2.00
use $2.00 RR from the last transaction
final: Free

Transaction 3:
Buy 1 U by Kotex $3.49
buy 1 filler item (royal gelatin $.20 with in ad coupon)
use $1.00/1 Kotex 4/18 SS (expires 5/30)
use $2.00 RR from previous transaction
Pay: $.69
Get $2.50 RR

Transaction 4:
buy 1 Ecotrin $2.00
buy 1 Walgreens Multivitamins
buy 1 filler (royal gelatin $.20 with in ad coupon)
use $2.50 RR from previous transaction
use $2.00/1 Ecotrin
pay: $1.70
Get back $2.00 RR for ecotrin and $2.00 RR for vitamins

Transaction 5:
buy 1Luster white 7 toothpaste $5.00
buy 1 filler (royal geletin $.20)
use both RR from previous transaction
pay: $1.20
Get $5.00 RR

Total out of pocket: $3.59 plus tax plus you still have $5.00 in Register Rewards

Factoring in the Register Reward you just got paid $1.41 to buy 1 toothpaste, 2 vitamins, 2 Ecotrin, 2 Royal gelatin and 1 Kotex product.
If you don't shop on 5/30 then you still will make $.41.

This is just an idea of what you could do. Obviously there are tons of different scenarios that you could do. Have fun and a remember to play nice. Be considerate of others and don't clear the shelves.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hot Scentsy Deal From City Smarts

City Smarts has a great deal on Scentsy going on right now:

Get a Scentsy Plugin Warmer + 3 Scentsy Bars ($25 Value) For $12.50!!
The best part is the more people buy the cheaper the price gets.
You have to be able to pick it up locally (Boise area).

I was just talking about how I needed to get some Scentsy and then today I found this deal.
I think it was fate.

Click HERE to purchase yours.

Littlest Pet Shop Deals

Here are a couple of great deal scenarios for the BOGO Free coupon from


Littlest Pet Shop Collectibles – on rollback for only $5
use BOGO coupon here
final: $2.50 ea
Thanks, Coupon Katarina.


Littlest Pet Shop Collectibles – $4.99
Use BOGO coupon here
final: $2.49 ea
Thanks, Give Me Neither

Scrubbing Bubbles Coupons

Right@Home has a coupon higher-value Scrubbing Bubbles Printable Coupons right now:

$5 Off Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter Printable Coupon

$1 Off Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Kit Refill Printable Coupon

These will go great with the Scrubbing Bubbles deal at Walgreens this week.

Buy one Scrubbing Bubbles Power Spray Extend-O-Clean $7.99

and one refill $4.99

use $5.00 off coupon here and the buy sprayer get refill free here

pay: $2.99 Get back $2.00 RR

final: $.99 for both sprayer and refill

These work so great on the shower. They really cut through the soap-scum and hard water.

Remember the sale ends Saturday.

Mom's Snowball Cookies

My mom grew up in Southern California where there was a heavy Hispanic influence. Growing up she always made us Snowball Cookies. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized that most people called them Mexican wedding cookies. I asked my mother about it and all she said was "Well they looked like snowballs to me so that's what I called them". I am sure that her background in California was a major reason that she loved to make these cookies. Isn't it funny that where we live influences our tastes so much.

I have to tell you they are my absolute favorite cookie. I normally make them around Christmas time but honestly they are so good that I could eat them anytime. I have to be careful though because I can honestly eat the whole batch at once.

Mom's Snowball Cookies

1 cup butter
1/2 cup powdered sugar, sifted (my mom never sifted anything she said she didn't believe in it)
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 1/2 cup flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 cup walnuts chopped

Cream butter and sugar in large bowl until light. Stir in vanilla. Sit flour and salt and mix in. Stir in Walnuts. Shape into balls (they should be about an inch in diameter). Place on un-greased cookie sheet. Bake 15 minutes at 350'.
Roll in powdered sugar straight out of oven. Cool. Roll again in powdered sugar.
Makes about 36 cookies.

Winco Deals

Here are a few Winco deals that you might want to check out if your headed that way this weekend. As always the prices and availability of the products can vary by store so I wouldn't make a special trip there just for these deals.

Hanover Pretzel Sticks $0.98
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 5/23 SS
Final Cost FREE!

Bar-S hot dogs, .68 each
Use $1/2 coupon from 5/16 RP or found here
Final Cost $0.18 each!

Resers salads, 3-lbs, $2.38
Use the $0.55/1 coupon here
Final Cost $1.83!

Athenos Hummus, $1.97
Use the Buy 1 Get 1 Free coupon here
Final Cost $0.99 each!

Activia yogurt $1.78
Use the $1/1 coupon from 5/2 SS
Final Cost $0.78!

Kraft Cheesy Explosion Macaroni & Cheese $0.48
Use the $0.55/2 coupon found here
Final Cost $0.20 each!

(Thanks Utah Deal Diva!)

Mega Swagbucks Day: Get Searching

Just wanted to remind everyone that today is Mega Swagbucks day!
The chances of winning Swagbucks increases by a lot today.
So search, search and search some more.

Never heard of Swagbucks?
Go here to find out more.

I am so excited I won enough Swagbucks this week to get another $5.00 Amazon gift card.
I am well on my way to paying for most of Christmas from Swagbucks.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mom's Sugar Cookies

I love cookies.
I remember my mom making cookies all the time. In fact homemade cookies were my all time favorite after school snack. I don't ever remember having store bought cookies (the only ones we ever had were from my Girl Scout troop but I don't count those) in our home. Actually the first time that I had a Chips Ahoy cookie I was about 11, and I thought that it was the grossest thing ever. I still can't see the reason why people buy their cookies in pre-made packages, to me a "real" cookie is homemade.
It seemed that we always had a batch of fresh baked cookies in our house and the smell of cookies baking makes me feel at home.

Mom's Sugar Cookies


4 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup unsalted butter
2 cups sugar
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla

Mix wet ingredients together. Then add dry. Chill in fridge 30 min. Roll out and cut into desired shapes (my mom always used a glass drinking cup dipped in flour). Refrigerate another 10 minutes. Bake in 350' preheated oven 8-10 minutes. Let cool before frosting.

New Target Manufacures Coupons

Target has some new manufactures coupons on thier site.

They can not be combined with any other coupons but can be used at other stores.

I'm sure we'll find some use for them in the future.

$3 Off Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers Printable Coupon

$3 Off Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers Printable Coupon

$1.50 off 2 – 64ct or larger Huggies Wipes Printable Coupon

$1 Off 128 ct or larger Huggies Wipes Printable Coupon

Walgreens Matchups 5/30

This week at Wags looks pretty good to me.
It could be that I have $8.00 in Register Rewards from last week to spend.
I love it when I can roll them from one week to the next.

Here are the best deals that I have found.
Register Reward Deals
Ecotrin $2.00
use $2.00/1 from 5/16 RP
final: Free plus get back $2.00 RR

U by Kotex $3.49 get $2.50 RR
use $1.00/1 from 4/18 SS (exspires 5/30)
final: free factoring in the RR

Luster White 7 Toothpaste $5.00 get $5.00 RR
final: free

Rejuvicare Ultimate Skin, Hair or Nail Supplement $9.99 get $10.00 RR
final: Free

Walgreens A to Z Multivitamins 60 ct. $2.00 get $2.00RR
final: Free

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner 2/$8.00
use 2-$1.00/1 parade magazine 5/23
pay: $6.00
Get $2.00 RR
Like paying $2.00 each

In ad coupons:

Royal Gelatin 5/$1.00 (great filler item)

$4.00 off Coppertone Suncare
use with $2.00 coupon here
final: unkown

$4.00 off printer ink Cartridges

Campbells Chunky soup 3/$5.00
use $1.00/2 here
final: $1.16 each when you buy 2

Other good deals:

Lifesavers 6.25-7.7 oz Buy one get one free
use BOGO coupon from (if you already printed it)
final: 2 for free (ymmv)

Linsey Olives $.99
use $1.00/1 here (if this variety is included)
final: free

Quaker Quick Cooking oats Buy one get one free
use 2 $1.00/1 here
final : $1.19 for two

Huggies Diapers Jumbo Pack $8.99
$3.00/1 coupon (if you already printed these)
final: $5.99 (good price if you need them)

There are so many good deals this week so I am going to refer you to I Heart Wags. Here is the ad scan for next week. You should be able to come up with all kinds of great deal scenarios.

I will also be posting some deal scenarios tomorrow.

I have a feeling that I will be getting lots of free stuff this week.

No Coupon Inserts This Sunday

Being that it is a holiday weekend there will be no coupon inserts this Sunday.

There will possibly be Albertson's Twice the Value Coupons though.
So lets all cross our fingers and channel all our positive energy that they don't pull them at the last minute.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Shake and Bake Coupon and Albertson's Deal

This week at Albertson's Shake-n-Bake is on sale for $2.00 ($1.60 when factoring in catalina) as part of the Kraft promo.
There is a new $.75/1 coupon for it here.
With doubles this Sunday it will only be $.10 after factoring in coupon and Catalina.

There is an extra catalina printing until 5/30.
Buy 2 get $1.00 oyno
Buy 3 get $2.00 oyno
Buy 4 Get $3.00 oyno

If you buy three using 3 coupons and 3 doublers then with the extra catalina it will be a $1.70 moneymaker! (only on 5/30 though)

Very hot!
I would print this coupon now!

Mom's Carrot Cake

If you have been reading my blog this week then you know that I have been inspired by my mom to post some of her best recipes.
Today is my families all time favorite recipe of my mom's.
She would make this cake for special occasions and my husband has me make it for him on his birthday every year.
It is so yummy!

Mom's Carrot Cake


2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon soda
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1/2 cup chopped nuts
2 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups oil
4 eggs
2 cups grated carrots
1 (8 1/2 oz.) can crushed pineapple (drained)

Mix dry ingredients together. Add oil and eggs, mix well. Add carrots, drained pineapple and nuts.
Bake: 350' in a greased 13x9 inch pan for 50 minutes.
Let cool before frosting.

Cream Cheese Frosting:
Cream 1 8 oz. package cream cheese and 1 teaspoon vanilla. Beat in 1 pound powdered sugar.

Cake best served cold from refrigerator.

All You Freebie of the Day

The All You freebie of the day is:

Free Samples of Kraft Sandwich Shop May!

Go here to get yours!

Free Crystal Light Pure Fitness from Vocal Point

Vocal Point currently has a Free Crystal Light Pure Fitness Samples offer available right now. So make sure you log-in to your accounts to snag it before it’s gone.

Not a Vocal Point member? It’s free to join and you often receive free samples and coupons. Having done Vocal Point for about a year now I have to tell you that I get tons of freebies from them. I have found that after you get an offer; if you complete a survey about it then you are more likely to get another offer.

Ideas For Doubles (If We Get Them)

There is a rumor that we are getting Albertson's Twice the Value coupons on Sunday. From what my manager has told me in the past (that we should expect them around the 1st and 15th of the month) it fits.

So here are some ideas of coupons to collect or buy more of in case we do get doubles.

My favorite deals are in red. (sorry everything is kind of spaced out and looks a little funny I have been having issues with my computer).

Sweet Baby Rays, 18 oz $1.00
Use $1.00/2 Sweet Baby Ray’s from SS 5/23 and 1 doubler
Final Price: $FREE

Spotlight Savings

buy 6 of selected items receive $6.00 off instantly or $.50 per item

Kraft Salad Dressing $2.19
Buy 4, Receive a $3 Catalina

$0.55/1 Kraft Dressing, 14 or 16 oz. bottle from SS 5/2
$0.55/1 Kraft Dressing – (
Final Price: $.59 each after coupon, free after Catalina

Buy Kraft Salad Dressing between 5/21 – 6/27 and save up to $3.00 on your next order

Buy 2, Receive $1.00 Catalina ($0.50 savings per item)
Buy 3. Receive $2.00 Catalina ($0.67 savings per item)
Buy 4, Receive $3.00 Catalina ($0.75 savings per item)

Kraft Promo
Spend $25.00 get a $5.00 catalina for your next purchase
The final price reflects catalina savings.

Knudsen Sour Cream $1.79
$0.60/1 – Knudsen Sour Cream – (

Final price: 0.23 after coupon and catalina

Oscar Mayer Meat Hot Dogs $1.50
$1.00/2 – Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs – (

$1.00/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, any from SS 5/16
use 1 doubler

final: $.20 when you buy 2

Oscar Mayer Bacon $3.99
$1.00/1 – Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon – (

use 1 doubler

Final Price: $1.19

Oscar Mayer Meat Bologna or Cotto Salami $2.50
$1.00/2 – Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat – (

use 1 doubler
Final Price: $1.00 when you buy 2

Other good deals:

Bar S Meat Franks $0.98 with in ad coupon Limit 4
$1.00/2 – Bar S Products, Any – (
use 1 doubler

final: 2 for free

Smores Promo

Buy 1 Jet Puffed Marshmallows $1.00
Buy 1 Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams $2.49
Buy 1 Hershey’s Chocolate Bars $3.00

Save $2 Instantly when you buy all 3

$1.00/1 Hersheys Milk Chocolate, 6-pack AND Honey Maid Grahams, 14 oz. or larger AND Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows from SS 5/16

use 1 doubler
Final price: $2.49 for all three!

Solo Patriotic Plates and Cups, 16 – 20 ct $1.50
Buy 4, Receive a $4 Catalina!
use 4 $0.75/1 – Solo Cups, Plates or Bowls – (

use 3 doublers Final Price: $0.75 for all three , $3.25 Money Maker when you buy 4, after Catalina!

Buy Solo Cups, Plates of Bowls between 5/21-6/13 and save up to $4 on your next order
Excludes cutlery & straws

Buy 2, Receive $1.00 Catalina ($0.50 savings per item)
Buy 3, Receive $3.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item)
Buy 4, Receive $4.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item)

Black Forest Gummy Candy $1.00
$0.55/2 – Black Forest Gummies – (

Use 1 doubler
final: $.45 each when you buy 2

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2.49
$0.70/1 – Pillsbury Crescent Rolls – (
use 1 doubler

final: $1.09

Snyder's Pretzels or Flavored Pretzels $2.49

Use $1.00/1 Snyder's Pretzels 5/23

or use $1.00/1 Snyders Flavored Pretzels 5/23

use 1 double

final: $.49

Great Week at Albertson's 5/26

This week at Albertson's looks pretty hot!

If we get doubles on Sunday it will be even better it will be Smokin' Hot!

Here are the best deals:

Strawberries 4 lb $5.96

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99/lb

Corn on the Cob $0.50

Seedless Watermelon $0.59/lb

Ball Park Angus or Beef Franks B1G1 FREE or 2/$5.49
Use 2 $0.75/1 – Ball Park Angus Product – (
Final Price: $1.99 each

Pepsi 12 pack $3.25
Buy 4, Save $2 Instantly

Final Price: $2.75
**Cheaper at Walmart… 24 pack only $5

Coke 12 pack $3.50
Buy 4, Get 1 FREE

Final Price: $2.80 each

**Cheaper at Walmart… 24 pack only $5

Spotlight Savings Instant Promo

  • Buy 6, Save $3 Instantly
  • Savings is $0.50 per item

Kraft BBQ Sauce $1.19
Final Price: $0.69

Kraft Mayo or Miracle Whip $2.49
Final Price: $1.99

Kraft Salad Dressing $2.19
Buy 4, Receive a $3 Catalina

$0.55/1 Kraft Dressing, 14 or 16 oz. bottle from SS 5/2
$0.55/1 Kraft Dressing – (
Final Price: $1.14 each after coupon, $0.39 each after Catalina

Buy Kraft Salad Dressing between 5/21 – 6/27 and save up to $3.00 on your next order

Buy 2, Receive $1.00 Catalina ($0.50 savings per item)
Buy 3. Receive $2.00 Catalina ($0.67 savings per item)
Buy 4, Receive $3.00 Catalina ($0.75 savings per item)

Chips Ahoy Cookies $2.38
Final Price: $1.88

Dixie Plates $3.99
$0.50/1 – Dixie or Dixie Ultra paper plates – (

Final Price: $3.49

Kraft Promo

  • Spend $25, Receive a $5 Catalina
  • Must spend $25 BEFORE coupons and tax
  • Final Price reflects the $5 Catalina Savings, which is essentially 29% savings per item

Shake N Bake $2.00
Final Price: $1.60

Jello Pudding or Gelatin $1.00
Final price: $0.80

Nabisco Crackerfuls $2.49

Final price: $1.99

Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs $2.49
BOGO Free – Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs – (
Final Price: 1.99 for 2 after coupon and Catalina

Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese $3.99
Final Price: $3.19

Jet Puffed Marshmallow $1.00
Final Price: $0.80

Kraft Deli Deluxe Singles $3.49
$1.00/1 – Kraft Deli Deluxe Cheese – (
Final price: $1.79 after coupon and catalina

Knudsen Sour Cream $1.79
$0.60/1 – Knudsen Sour Cream – (

Final price: 0.83 after coupon and catalina

Oscar Mayer Bacon $3.99
$1.00/1 – Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon – (
Final Price: $2.19

Oscar Mayer Meat Hot Dogs $1.50
$1.00/2 – Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs – (

$1.00/2 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, any from SS 5/16
Final Price: $0.70

Oscar Mayer Meat Bologna or Cotto Salami $2.50
$1.00/2 – Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat – (
Final Price: $1.50

Planters Mixed Nuts or Cashew Halves and Pieces $2.99
Final price: $2.40

Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat $5.99
$1.00/1 – Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Lunch Meat – (
$1.00/2 – Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat – (
Final Price: $3.79


Sweet Baby Rays, 18 oz $1.00
Use $1.00/2 Sweet Baby Ray’s from SS 5/23
Final Price: $0.50

Crystal Light 10-12 qt $3.99
$1.00/2 – Crystal Light Products – (
Final Price: $3.49

Nabisco Ritz Crackers $2.79
$1.00/2 Nabisco Crackers, any from SS 5/16
Final Price: $2.29

Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.99
$1.00/2 Nabisco Crackers, any from SS 5/16
Final Price: $1.49

Crystal Light On the Go $2.50
$1.00/2 – Crystal Light Products – (
$1.00/1 – Crystal Light Pure Fitness Drink – (
Final Price: $1.50

Bar S Meat Franks $0.98 with in ad coupon Limit 4
$1.00/2 – Bar S Products, Any – (
Final Price: $0.48

Kraft Mac and Cheese, 5 ct $3.99
Get a FREE Capri Sun, 10 ct with in store coupon
Final Price: $3.99 for both

S’mores Promo

Buy 1 Jet Puffed Marshmallows $1.00
Buy 1 Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams $2.49
Buy 1 Hershey’s Chocolate Bars $3.00

Save $2 Instantly when you buy all 3

$1.00/1 Hersheys Milk Chocolate, 6-pack AND Honey Maid Grahams, 14 oz. or larger AND Kraft Jet Puffed Marshmallows from SS 5/16
Final price: $3.49 for all three!

Dixie Plates $3.99
$0.50/1 – Dixie or Dixie Ultra paper plates – (

Final Price: $3.49

Solo Patriotic Plates and Cups, 16 – 20 ct $1.50
Buy 4, Receive a $4 Catalina!
$0.75/1 – Solo Cups, Plates or Bowls – (
Final Price: $0.75 each after coupon, $1.00 Money Maker when you buy 4, after Catalina!

Buy Solo Cups, Plates of Bowls between 5/21-6/13 and save up to $4 on your next order
Excludes cutlery & straws

Buy 2, Receive $1.00 Catalina ($0.50 savings per item)
Buy 3, Receive $3.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item)
Buy 4, Receive $4.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item)

Black Forest Gummy Candy $1.00
$0.55/2 – Black Forest Gummies – (
Final Price: $0.73

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2.49
$0.70/1 – Pillsbury Crescent Rolls – (
Final Price: $1.79

(Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady for the matchups)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

BOGO Littlest Pet Shop Coupon has released a really great BOGO Littlest Pet Shop coupon.
These often go on sale for buy one get one free.
So you possibly could score two for free combined with the right sale.
Go here to print.

This is a hot coupon.
I would print it now before it is gone!

Clearance at Walgreens

When I was at Walgreens yesterday I found basic Colgate toothbrushes on clearance for $.50 each (I had a photo on my phone of it but my daughter got a hold of it and the photo is now lost). There is also a great coupon from the 5/23 SS for $.75 off of any adult Colgate toothbrush.
So, possibly you can get them for free to a $.25 moneymaker.

I recommend not rushing off to the store to see if yours has the clearanced toothbrushes.
If you are already planning on being there then I would check and see if yours has them too. As with most clearance it varies by store.

Happy hunting!

Possibly Doublers on Sunday

Hot Coupon World is reporting that there will be Albertson's Twice the Value coupons on Sunday.
I have not seen the ad yet but it does follow along what my manager told me about them being on the first and 15th of the month.
I will post match-ups later.

Mom's Homemade Bisquick Mix

I think that I get some of my thriftiness from my Mom. Growing up we didn't have a lot of money but my Mom wanted to make sure that we always had good food to eat. She would use often make things from scratch to save money.

I remember her making homemade Bisquick mix in order to save time and money. The mix works just like the store bought kind but costs so much less to make (and in my opinion tastes better too).

Mom's Homemade Bisquick Mix

8 cups all purpose flour
1/3 cup baking powder
2 tsp salt
8 tsp sugar
1 cup Crisco shortening

Mix together dry ingredients. Then cut in 1 cup shortening with pastry blender or fork until it forms a very fine consistency.
Store in air tight container. Will stay fresh for several months if refrigerated.

To make biscuits: add 1/3 cup milk for each cup of biscuit mix. Mix and roll out on floured surface. Cut out and bake at 425 until browned.

Can be used in recipes calling for Bisquick.
To find recipes to use it with go here for a blog that has hundreds of free Bisquick recipes.

Free Ritz Crackerfuls Sample

I really like Ritz Crackerfuls.
Last summer I was able to score a lot of them for free.
In fact we just finished off the last box.
Now they have new one's with Bacon.
I may not have mentioned this before but I really love bacon. In fact I went through a phase when I felt sick eating most meat. The only meat that I could eat was bacon. My family started calling me a Bacontarian (or a Vegetarian that only eats bacon).
I thought it was hilarious.

Go here and "Like" Ritz on Facebook. Click on the link towards the bottom for a free sample of Ritz Crackerfuls Cheddar Cheese & Bacon!

Yesterday at Walgreens

I had a great Shopping trip at Walgreens yesterday.
They actually had everything that I wanted and checking out was easy peasy.

Here's what I did:
(it took four transactions)
Transaction 1:
1 Complete Contact Solution $7.99
use $2.00/1 from 5/16 RP
Pay: $5.99 plus tax
Get back $8.00 RR

Transaction 2:
1 Goody Ouchless Head bands $2.99
6 Colgate Wave Toothbrushes $1.86 x 6 = $11.16
used 6 $.75 off any adult toothbrush 5/23 SS
used $8.00 Register Reward from previous transaction.
Paid: $1.65 plus tax
Got back $5.00 RR for Toothbrushes and $3.00 RR for head bands
Transaction 3:
Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Power Sprayer $7.99
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Refill $4.99
Foam Alphabet and Number stickers $1.39 (clearence) filler item
used $5.00/1 from 4/11 SS
used Buy Sprayer and Get a Free Refill here (up to $4.99)
used $3.00 RR
Paid: $1.38 plus tax
Got back $2.00 RR

Transaction 4:
1 Complete Contact Solution $7.99
1 Super Glue Handitack $.55 (clearanced)
2 hair brushes $.25 each (clearanced)
use $2.00/1 from 5/16 RP
used $2.00 RR and $5.00 RR from previous transactions
Paid: $.04 plus tax
Get back $8.00 RR

The total I spent out of pocket was $9.06 plus tax and I still have an $8.00 Register Reward. So it was like I spent $1.06 for $45.55 worth of merchandise.
That's a 98% savings or like I spent around $.08 per item.

If your store has them the sale runs until Saturday.

I love it when a trip to the store goes better than I expected!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Mom's Banana Bread Recipe

I don't mention it very often but my mother is suffering from dimentia.
She was diagnosed several years ago and has been digressing very rapidly.
I went to visit her yesterday and she was better than I had seen her in awhile.
As I visited with her she talked about things that she used to be able to do like baking.

My mom was the best cook that I have ever known. Just thinking about my childhood I have fond memories of my mom in the kitchen making us delicious things to eat.
She put her whole heart and all her love into the food she made for us.
I think that's probably why I love to cook and to share my favorite recipes with all of you.

Well all of this got me to thinking about one of my favorite recipes; mom's Banana Bread.
It is so yummy and full of all kinds of good memories for me.

So I am going to share it with you.
It is obviously one of my family's favorites and I hope that you will like it enough to make it one of yours.

Mom's Banana Bread

2 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 cup sugar
1 cup chopped nuts
1/2 cup shortening
2 eggs
2 large bananas mashed
1/4 teaspoon salt

Pre-heat oven to 350'.
Combine ingredients and mix.
Pour into a greased loaf pan.
Bake for 45 minutes or until toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean.

She served it warm with butter and lots of love.
I would suggest doing both!

Target Deals 5/23

There is not a lot happening this week at Target.
Very boring!

So slow that I am not posting anything.
If you are planning on going to Target anyway you may want to check out Southern Savers she has a good post on Target this week .

Well have to hope for something better on Memorial Day weekend.

Free Shavers at Walgreens

Walgreens has their Noxema Bikini Shavers on sale this week Buy One at $2.99, Get One FREE! Use two of the $2/1 Noxema Bikini Shaver coupons from the 5/23 RedPlum and you should receive $1.01 overage. Make sure to buy something along with your shavers to use up the overage!

You can print the $2/1 Noxema Bikini Shaver coupon HERE as well!

Buy 2 Noxema Bikini Shavers $2.99 (One is FREE)
Use 2 $2/1 Shaver Coupons
Final Price: FREE

There are a bunch of new Red Plum coupons available to print.
I however wont be printing any since Red Plum and my computer don't seem to get along.
I just can't figure out how to get them to print.
Oh well, I hope everyone else is able to get some great deals with these.

Go here to print.

$2/1 any Noxzema Spa Shave 4-Blade Shaver
75¢/1 Degree Men Adrenaline Deodorant
$1.50/3 Kellogg's Cereal
$2/1 Blink Tears
$1/2 Kellogg's Cereal
$1 off 1lb or more Sara Lee Deli Meat
$1/1 Tums
50¢/1 package Dixie or Dixie Ultra
75¢/1 Bertolli Sauce
55¢/2 Hefty One Zip
$1/1 any Dove Deodorant or Body Mist Spray

Never printed coupons before see my post here.

My Favorite Deals of the Week

I thought I would let you all know what I think are the best deals this week!


Complete Contact Solution $7.99
use $2.00/1 from 5/16 RP
Pay: $5.99
Get back $8.00 RR
Final: free plus $2.00 money maker

Scrubbing Bubbles Extend-A-Clean Power Sprayer $7.99
use $5.00/1 from 4/11 SS
and use Buy Sprayer and Get a Free Refill here
Pay: 2.99
Get back $2.00 RR
Like getting the sprayer and refill for $.99

Goody Ouchless barrettte of hair band $2.99
get $2.99 RR
Final: free

Carefree Panyliners .99 with in ad coupon
use $1.00/1 from 4/25 SS (have them scan the store coupon then the manufactures)
final: Free

Colgate Wave Toothbrushes $1.89
Buy 6
use 6 $.75/1 from 5/23 SS
Pay: $6.66 out of pocket (yea I know the number is creepy)
Get a $5.00 RR
like paying $1.66 for 6 or $.28 each

Fred Meyer

Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce $1.00 with in ad coupon
use $1.00/2 from 5/23 SS
final: $.50 each when you buy 2

Crystal Light $2.00
use 3 $1.00/1 or 1 $3.00/3 from here
and use $1.00/3 from here (Target coupon)
final: $.67 each

Rite Aid

Cascade Automatic Dishwashing Detergent or gel or Action pacs $2.99
use $.50/1 from 5/2 PG
pay: $2.49
Get back $2.00 from single check rebate
final: $.49

Sobe Life Water Buy 1 Get 1 Free
use BOGO coupon here
final: both for free

Tugaboos Diapers Jumbo Pack $6.99
use $1.00/1 May Video Values coupon here
Pay: $5.99
Get $2.00 single check rebate back
Final: $3.99

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Readers Printing Questions

I got a couple of questions from a reader Cheryl and I thought that they might be helpful to some of you when it comes to printing coupons.

Question: How to I print in black and white?

To print in black and white what I do is:

Click on the Start menu
Click on Printers and Faxes
Under "Printer Tasks" on the left click on "Select Printing Preferences"
Click on the tab "Color" at the top
Then select "Print in Grayscale"

This is how I set my computer (an HP) to print in just black and white.
If this doesn't work for you I would recommend looking it up with your computer or printers manufacture. A lot of them have websites that might help.

Question: What is a good deal on black and white cartridges and color ones as well?

This is something I haven't got an awesome deal on yet.
I usually get my ink cartridges refilled. I like to take mine to Walgreens because they have coupons in their ad often (usually a refill of either black and white or color for $9.99). Also sometimes when you refill with them, there is a 50% off your next refill on the box it comes in. This makes a refill around $6.00.
I also use Register Rewards that I have which are about to expire on them.

Question: What is a reasonable deal on printer paper?

Printer paper is something that I don't pay very much for. I normally pay around $1.00 per ream. I like to buy it from Staples or other office supply stores when they have rebates because you also get rewards for buying paper through them.

If anyone has a great deal on printer ink please feel free to share.
I love to hear any questions that you have.

(Thanks Cheryl!)

Yummy Freezer Calzones

Do you ever have a night when cooking dinner seems like the last thing that you want to do?
Well this happens to me all the time.Usually we wind up getting take out or ordering a pizza.
I really hate this though because it just costs so much money.
Not to mention how unhealthy I feel after eating out.

So lately I have been trying to come up with things that I can make and freeze to use for those nights that don't want to do a bunch of cooking. I came up with a recipe for freezer calzones.
(My husband thinks they are like a "good tasting" version of hot pockets)

They are super easy to do.

Items to gather:

2 batches of your favorite pizza dough-will make about 20 good size calzones (Using either homemade or store bought is fine. See my recipe for dough below)
Items to stuff your calzone (see ideas below)
Plastic wrapparchment papaercookie sheetsgallon size freezer bag

First: Make dough.
My recipe for pizza dough:

2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cup all purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons active dry yeast
1 cup warm water (120 to 130 degrees)
2 tablespoons cooking oil
1/4 teaspoon salt

Combine 1 1/4 cup flour, salt and yeast in bowel.
Add water and oil.
With electric mixer beat on low for 30 seconds.
Scrape bowel.
Then beat on high speed for 3 minutes.
Stir in as much of the reamaining flour as you can.
Either knead by hand for 6-8 minutes until smooth and elastic.
Or use mixer with dough hook and mix on low speed until smooth and elastic.
Cover and let rest for 10 minutes.

Seperate dough into 20 equal size balls. Let rise for 10 more minutes.

On a generously floured surface, roll dough into an approximate 7'x 5' rectangle.

Pepperoni and Cheese

Chicken and Broccoli

Place topping on one half of rolled out dough about a 1/2 inch from the edge.
Our Families favorite fillings:

Chicken and Broccoli
mix together 1 pound chicken cooked and chopped into bite size peices
about 1 1/2 to 2 cups cooked brocolli1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/3 cup sour cream
salt and pepper to taste
(recipe makes about 10-12 depending on size)

Pepperoni and Cheese8 oz. pizza sauce (can be homemade or store bought)
cheese sticks
5-6 pepperoni's per calzone
(recipe makes about 10 calzones)

BBQ Chicken
1 pound chicken shredded
1/2-3/4 cup BBQ sauce (enough to gernerously coat the chicken)
1/2 onion cooked til soft (I don't add this for the ones the kids eat.)
(recipe makes about 10-12 calzones)
You of course can add any filling items that you want.

Fifth: Gently place the other side of the dough on top of the filling.
Sixth: Roll the edges inward and press to seal with finger.

Seventh: On a parchment lined cookie sheet place the calzones. (I ran out and so I didn't have any for the picture)

Eigth: Cut several small slits in the top of calzone so that steam can release when cooking.

Ninth: Place cookie sheet in freezer until the calzones are hard.

Wrap frozen calzones individually in plastic wrap. Place wrapped calzones in freezer bag.

When ready to bake:
Pre-heat oven to 350 degerees.
Cook frozen calzones for approximately 30-40 minutes. Check at 30 minutes.
Calzones are done when the dough is browned on top and it is heated all the way through.
They last up to two months in the freezer.

A Coupon I Would Print!

There is a great new coupon for $1.00 off the purchase of any Hidden Valley Ranch, KC Masterpeice or Glad Product (IE) or (FF).

Often Kc Masterpiece goes on sale for about $1.50 around this time of year at Albertson's.
So with doubles it would be free.

Also Glad zipper bags are not much more than a couple dollars at Albertson's so possibly you would be able to score some cheap baggies too.

As with all printable coupons I would print it now if you think you will use it because you never know when the limit will be reached.

For those that may not know (IE) stand for Internet Explorer and (FF) stand for Firefox.

Drink Your Ovaltine

Do you remember that movie "The Christmas Story"?
It's the one where the boy wants a Red Ridder BB Gun.
Well my family just loves that movie (it's a Christmas tradition to watch it).
There's a part of the movie where he gets a secret message from Little Orphan Annie for drinking Ovaltine.
(If you haven't seen it go rent it it's hilarious.)

Well there is this new $2.00/1 Ovaltine coupon that just came out here.

And it got me to thinking that I have never even tried the stuff.
I know it's not anywhere near Christmas but how fun would it be to buy some and drink it while watching the movie.
(Yea I am a dork).

So here are a couple of deal scenarios for Ovaltine:


Buy 1 Ovaltine priced at $2.94 (prices may vary at your local store)
use $2.00/1 here
final: $.94

(Thanks Momsbyheart)


Buy 1 Ovaltine priced $3.12 (This is the price at my local Walmart and may vary from your local store)
use $2.00/1 here
final: $1.12

Sale Matchups for Next Week

I am so busy this weekend that I haven't had time to do any matchups for next weeks sales.
Collin does such aa great job over at Hip 2 Save with the matchups for Walgreens and Rite Aid
so I am just going to send you over there.

Hip 2 Save has the Walgreens matchups this week here and the Rite Aid matchups here.

(Thanks Hip2Save)

Couponing For Newbies: Shopping Discount Stores

Couponing For Newbies: Day 6

Shopping Discount Stores

I don't shop a lot at big chain discount stores. They don't have the same customer service and I feel that I can spend a few pennies more on certain items in return for not having a huge headache. I will however shop at them for certain things like kids clothes at Target and Walmart for some things that I can't afford to buy other places (like the bike I got for Mother's Day). I definitely don't go there every week.


Coupon Policy
The coupon policy at Target is pretty decent as far as written policies go. The only problem that you will run into is that cashiers are not trained well enough and managers often think that they can make up their own policy. A copy of their store policy can be printed here or you can talk to Guest Relations to get a hard copy sent to you. I would recommend getting a copy of the policy and carrying it with you. All Target employees should be following this policy. If you have a problem at the store then you can whip out the coupon policy and show the employees. This should take care of most issues that you have.

The policy states:

Target Stores Coupon Policy

Coupons are a great way to save even more when shopping with us, and it's easy to use them at our stores.

• Target accepts one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for the same item (unless prohibited)
• Super Target coupons can be used in any Target store if the store carries the item
• We gladly accept valid internet coupons

Because of the variety of coupons available to our guests, we do have some guidelines for how coupons can be redeemed at Target.

When accepting coupons, we use the following guidelines:

• We accept two kinds of coupons: Target-issued coupons and manufacturer-issued.
• We'll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.
• Coupon amount may be reduced if it exceeds the value of the item after other discounts or coupons are applied.
• We can't give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item.
• We can't accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.
• All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier while you're checking out.

Target Store Coupons

Target has both printable and regular style coupons. All Target Store coupons can be combined with manufacture coupons for more savings.
Printable store coupons at Target can be accessed here. You can normally only print two coupons per computer.
The regular style coupons can either come in the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper or on products in the form of peelies (coupons that are stuck on products).

Coupon Price Adjusting
A coupon can be adjusted down if it is over the amount of the product.

For example:
You buy an item that is $1.00.
You have a $1.50 coupon for it.
They should adjust the coupon down to $1.00 so that you don't get overage.

This is clearly stated in the coupon policy. When doing this it is a good idea to have the policy on hand because employees may not have been trained about this.

Price Matching
Target will price match competetors print ads (you can't use ones printed from the Internet). They will not match an item that require you to use a saving card to get a discount (like at Albertson's or Fred Meyer). Also they will only price match what is exactly in the ad the same size, kind, model ect. I have found that mine won't let me price match anything that is not pictured in the ad (I am not sure if this is a local thing or not).

There have been issues lately with price matching and using a Target coupon. The stores in my area will not do this. I am confused on what the official policy is so your millage may vary on doing it.

Problems At Target
If you run into problems at Target and it can't be worked out with the manager then I like to call their customer service while in the store. Often things can be worked out this way. If you can't call customer service right then I would call them as soon as you can.
I have had so many problems with Target that I used to have their customer service number on speed dial on my phone.
The customer service number for Target is 1-800-440-0680.


Coupon Policy
Go here to view the offical coupon policy on their website.

The policy states:

Walmart Coupon Policy

Walmart accepts the following types of coupons (see guidelines below):

  • Manufacturer coupons (Cents Off)
  • Free merchandise (or manufacturer's Buy-One-Get-One-Free) coupons
  • Store coupons
  • Pharmacy (Advertising and Promotional) coupons
  • Internet coupons
  • Soft drink container caps

The following are guidelines and limits:

  • Walmart only accepts coupons for merchandise we sell and only when presented at the time of purchase.
  • Coupons should have an expiration date and be presented within the valid dates. Walmart will not accept expired coupons.
  • Internet coupons should be legible and say "Manufacturer Coupon." There should be a valid remit address for the manufacturer and a scannable bar code.
  • Only one coupon per item is permitted.
  • Use of 40 or more coupons per transaction will require approval by Customer Service Man

Price Matching

Go here to get the official price matching policy.

There price matching policy states:

Price matching

Our goal is always to be the low price leader in every community where we operate. Our customers trust us to have every day low prices ... there's no need for "special sales."

Our unbeatable promise:

Store managers make the final decision in always taking care of our customers, but we do have guidelines for matching our competition.

  • We do honor "Preferred Shopping Card" advertised prices. Must be like items, be advertised and require a competitor's shopping card, for the discount to apply.
  • We do not honor advertisements that require a purchase in order to receive the advertised price or free product.
  • We do not honor "Buy One / Get One Free" advertisements.
  • We do not honor double or triple coupons or percent off advertisements.
  • We do not honor other retailers' "Misprinted" advertised prices.
  • We do not honor Internet Pricing.
  • We do not honor competitor advertisements from outside of the store's or Club's local trade territory.

My local Walmart will take Albertson's double coupons. I have a very strong opinion on that. Go here to see my post on why not to use them there.

Problems with Walmart:
First I must say that there was a period of time that I boycotted Walmart (about 1 1/2 years). It happened after a bad experience involving some orange soda (it still makes me mad to think about). I shop there now on occasion but it is probably once a month and hardly ever unless it is the only place to get something.

I will say that the Walmart cashiers are often very poorly trained on their coupon policy. Managers are also left to interpret the coupon policy as they see fit. So if you go in the morning and get a deal there is no guarantee that the evening manager is going to give you that deal.
It is really inconsistent.

If you have a bad experience then you can contact customer service here at 1-800-Walmart (1-800-925-6278), but I have never had any luck with calling them (they tend to side with their employees and never apologize).

Also the customer service is really bad normally. I just go there with the expectation that I will have a bad experience and then I am pleasantly surprised when I don't. (I'm not sure that's the best approach for everyone but it works for me.)

For most things I just steer clear of Walmart. I feel that it is too much of a hassle and takes too much time to make it worth it to me.


I don't mean to sound discouraging about shopping at discount stores. You can get good deals there. I have just couponed enough to know that most places that I go I can get a good deal if I do a little bit of work. I have also learned that if something or someplace makes me feel bad when I shop there then it is not worth that to me. I honestly feel that any business should treat it's customers well and that I am not willing to compromise how I want to be treated in order to save a few dollars.
I also know that there are people that really like to shop at those stores. And if they have a good experience shopping there then I am so happy for them. My opinions are only based on my experiences at my local stores.