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Friday, April 30, 2010

May Means Free Comic Book Day

This post is inspired by my husband. Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day and we go to this every year. I have made a deal with my husband that if he will support me with my coupons then I will support him with his love of comic books. So every year we pack up the whole family and head to multiple comic book stores to load up on free comic books and comic book related paraphernalia.

This year the men at my house are very excited that they are giving away a free Marval Hero Click of War Machine (A character in Iron Man. And yes it is sad that I know that.) And our local stores are also offering special discounts and prizes.

If you or someone you love is really into comic books this is a great event. Most comic book stores participate but I would recomend giving your local one a call just to make sure they are participating and to find out what their sales may be. Go here to find out more about Free Comic Book Day!

Maybe we'll see you there!

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