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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday Coupon Preview 10/31

Even though this Sunday is Halloween there will be three coupon inserts in the paper. One Smartsource, a Red Plum and a Proctor and Gamble. As always what coupon you get and it's value may vary. This is just to give you an idea of what is out there. My favorites are in red.

Smartsource 10/31

$1/2 Chock Full o’ Nuts product (exp 12/15)
.35/1 Colgate toothpaste, 4 oz. + (exp 11/20)
.35/1 Colgate Total, Max White, or Sensitive toothpaste, 4 oz. + (exp 11/20)
.35/1 Colgate Adult or Kids manual toothbrush, (exp 11/20)
$1/10 Dannon Fruit on the Bottom or All Natural yogurt cups, 6 oz. (exp 12/26)
$1 off Dr. Oetker Ristorante product (exp 12/12)
$3 off Ensure product, 4 pk. (exp 12/31)
$3/2 Ensure multi-pack (exp 12/31)
$1 off Farmland Skim Plus Milk, half gal (exp 2/28/11)
$2.50/2 Glucerna product (exp 12/31)
$1 off Gold Bond Ultimate lotion or cream (exp 1/31/11)
$1 off Gold Bond Ultimate Moisturizing sanitizer (exp 1/31/11)
$1 off Miralax product, 7 dose (exp 12/31)
$3 off Miralax product, excl 7 dose (exp 12/31)
Free One Touch Delica Lancing Device, max $19.99 (exp 11/30)
$1 off Rayovac Alkaline or Hearing Aid batteries (exp 12/31)
$1 off Schick Disposable Razor pk. (exp 12/12)
$3 off Schiff Glucosamine (exp 1/31/11)
$2 off Schiff Mega-D3 (exp 1/31/11)
$3 off Schiff MegaRed (exp 1/31/11)
$5 off Schiff Move Free, 80 ct. + (exp 1/31/11)
$2 off Schiff Vitamin or Supplement (exp 1/31/11)
$5 off Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner starter kit (exp 12/12)
.75/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner refill (exp 12/12)
$1.50/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner refills (exp 12/12)
$1/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaners (exp 12/12)
$1/2 Scrubbing Bubbles, Fantastik All Purpose Cleaners (exp 12/12)
$1 off Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet cleaner (exp 12/12)
$1/2 Tree Ripe product carafe or carton (exp 11/30)
.55/2 Wheatena cereal (exp 4/30/11)
$1 off Zone Perfect single or multipack bars (exp 12/31)

Redplum 10/31

$1 off Advil PM, 16 ct. + (exp 12/31)
$2 off Advil PM, 32 ct. + (exp 12/31)
.50/1 Aquafresh Advanced, Extreme Clean, White & Shine or Sensitive toothpaste, 5.6 oz. + (exp 12/31)
$1 off Aquafresh Iso-Active Foaming gel (exp 12/31)
$20 off Bayer Contour USB meter (exp 12/31)
$5 off Bayer AIC Now Selfcheck Contour or Breeze2 meters (exp 12/31)
$1.50 off Carbona 2-in-1 Oxy-Powered Steam carpet cleaner (exp 1/29/11)
$1.50 off Carbona 2-in-1 Oxy-Powered carpet cleaner (exp 1/29/11)
$3 off Mail-In Rebate wyb Dove Hair Care AND the Sound of Music (exp 12/13)
$2/2 Dunkin Donuts coffee, 11 oz. + bag (exp 12/31)
B1G1 Everlast Energy Bar, max $2.49 (exp 12/31)
$10 off Everlast Nutritional supplement, max $19.95 (exp 12/31)
$1 off Jimmy Dean Breakfast Skillets (exp 12/5)
$1 off Jimmy Dean Breakfast sandwich (incl D-Lights) (exp 12/31)
$1/2 Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls (incl D-Lights) (exp 12/31)
$1 off Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked product (exp 3/31/11)
$1 off Maybelline New York mascara (exp 11/30)
$1.50/2 Milk-Bone dog snacks (exp 12/26)
$2 off Nutro Ultra dry dog food (exp 12/31)
$1 off Poligrip Super Poligrip free, .75 oz. (exp 12/12)
$1/2 Polident or Poligrip products (exp 12/12)
.75/1 Smart Balance milk (exp 12/15)

Proctor & Gamble 10/31

$5 off Align product (exp 11/30)
$1 off Bounce Dryer bar (exp 11/30)
.50/1 Bounty paper towels, 6 roll + (exp 11/30)
.50/1 Bounty product (exp 11/30)
.25/1 Charmin Reg or .50/1 Charmin Sensitive (exp 11/30)
.50/1 Charmin Sensitive bath tissue (exp 11/30)
$2 off Clairol hair color (exp 11/30)
$1 off CoverGirl product (exp 11/30)
$5 off Crest 3D Professional Effects, Vivid 14 ct., or Gentle Routine whitestrips (exp 11/30)
$10 off Crest 3D White Professional Effects whitestrips (exp 11/30)
Free Crest Rinse product max $5 max 500 mL wyb Rinse 946 mL + (exp 11/30)
.50/1 Crest toothpaste 4 oz. + or liquid gel (exp 11/30)
$1 off Crest toothpaste 4 oz. + or liquid gel (exp 11/30)
.50/1 Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty (exp 11/30)
$1 off Downy Fabric softener, liquid or sheets (exp 11/30)
$1/2 Duracell batteries (exp 11/30)
$5 off Duracell Instant charger (exp 11/30)
$10 off Duracell Mygrid starter kit (exp 11/30)
$1 off Febreze Air Effects products (exp 11/30)
Free Febreze Flameless Luminary refill wyb starter kit (exp 11/30)
$2 off Febreze Home Collections candle (exp 11/30)
$2 off Febreze Home Collections diffuser (exp 11/30)
$1 off Gain Dish soap (exp 11/30)
$2 off Gillette deodorant (exp 11/30)
.75/1 Glad trash bags (exp 11/30)
$1/2 Head & Shoulders shampoo or conditioner, excl trial size (exp 11/30)
$1 off Olay bar, body wash, In Shower body lotion or hand and body lotion (exp 11/30)
$5 off Olay bar, body wash, In Shower body lotion or hand and body lotion wyb Secret product (exp 11/30)
$1 off Olay Facial moisturizer or cleanser (exp 11/30)
Free Olay Ribbons body wash wyb Total Effects, Definity, Regenerist, or Pro X facial moisturizer (exp 11/30)
Free Old Spice body spray max (2) Secret deodorants (exp 11/30)
$1 off Oral-B 3D White Pulsar or Vivid Manual toothbrush (exp 11/30)
$3 off Oral-B Battery toothbrush (exp 11/30)
$1 off Oral-B Stages or Zooth Power toothbrush (exp 11/30)
$1 off Pampers diapers or pants (exp 11/30)
$1 off Pampers wipes, 180 ct. + (exp 11/30)
$1/2 Pantene hair care (exp 11/30)
$3 off Prilosec OTC (exp 11/30)
$1/2 Pringles Multigrain chips (exp 11/30)
Free Secret Clinical deodorant wyb Venus Razor cartridges (exp 11/30)
$2 off Secret Flawless renewal (exp 11/30)
$1 off Tampax Pearl or Compak Pearl, 18 ct. + (exp 11/30)
$1 off Tide detergent (exp 11/30)
$2 off Tide Stain Release product (exp 11/30)
$1.50 off Vicks Dayquil or Nyquil (exp 11/30)
$4 off Vicks Sinex product (exp 11/30)

A Couple Of Freebies

There are a bunch of freebies out to snag. I like to collect these and give them to my church for Humanitarian Aid projects.

Go here to get a Free Sample of Shout Color Catcher.

Free NeilMed Sinus rinse with 2 mixture packets! Go here and “Like” them. Then, click on the Free Sinus tab and fill out the form!

The All You Freebie for today is a Free Sample of John Frieda Root Awakening Sample Packette!

Sign up for the Sedona Labs Newsletter and request a free sample of iFlora Probiotic Health Supplement.

Like Playtex sport on Facebook and you will be able to request a Free Sample pack that includes 3 samples and a coupon!

Get 2 Free Samples of Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner – 1 Dove Intensive Repair & 1 Daily Moisture!

Head on over here to sign up for the Eat Better America newsletter! Just for doing so, they’ll send you a FREE 2011 Eat Better America calendar!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paul's Market Deals Starting 10/27

The Paul's Market ad today had a few unexpected good deals in it. Go here to see the ad. Here's what I am liking:

Lean Ground Beef $1.78 lb. (a little higher than my normal stock up price but I really need some)

Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins $.13 lb.

Fresh Cilantro 3/$1.00

Fuji Apples 5lb Bag $3.59 (that's only $.71 per pound)

Jolly Time Popcorn $.98 limit 8
use $.50/1 from 10/3 SS
final: $.48

Western Family Apple Juice or Cider $.98 first 6

Pepsi Products 4/$10.00 with in ad coupon

Paul's Points Deals (earn 1 point for every $5.00 you spend)

Pillsbury Cake mix $.68 with 5 point redemption

American Farm Bread $.98 with 5 point redemption

American Beauty Pasta or Egg Noodles $.68 with 5 point redemption
use $.55/1 Quick Cook Pasta (if this variety is included) from 10/3 SS
final: $.13

Paul's 2% Milk $1.78 with 6 point redemption

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Applesauce Update!

Well where are the Guinness Book of World Record people when you need them because I am super speedy at making applesauce it seems. I was able to make 7 pints of applesauce (using no fancy gadgets unless a knife counts) and was even able to put away laundry, do dishes and put on makeup! I made it to my son's music program with enough time to find a good parking spot and get good seats. He did awesome too. I'm such a proud mom right now.

Not to sound conceited but today I totally feel like a super mom. (And that very very rarely happens.) It's been a good day!

How Fast Can You Make Applesauce?

I was at Paul's Market yesterday and they have apples on sale for only $.50 per pound. (Great price). I was able to pick some up and today I am busy making a few pints of applesauce. I love homemade applesauce in the winter as a treat. Yum! My only problem is that my son has a school music program (which he has four lines in, we are so proud) this afternoon. I'm crossing my fingers that I get it made in time. I wonder what the world applesauce making record is because to get everything accomplished today I may have to beat it. Wish me luck!

Pick Your Own is my favorite web site on how to can things. Just in case anyone else is in the mood for applesauce making and like me needs a bit of help.

Alberttson's Sale Preview Starting 10/27

Pinching Your Pennies has the Albertson's sale preview up this morning here. To me it is kind of a stinker like this last one. There are only a couple of deals worth mentioning (but only if we are graced with doubles this weekend which is yet to be determined).

Avocados $.79 with in ad coupon limit 6 valid til 10/31

Spotlight Savings Save $5.00 instantly when you purchase 10 participating items
(essentially $.50 off per item):

This is only good if we get doubles on Sunday!

Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough, 16-16.5 oz. $1.99 after savings
use Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1/1 (12-31-10) RP-10/3
or Nestle Refrigerated Cookie Dough, any variety $1/1 (active) This Link-09/23
and a doubler
final: free

Nabisco Ritz Crackers, Snack Crackers, Premium Saltines, Oreo Cookies, Nilla Wafers or Teddy Grahams, 5.5-18 oz. $1.99 after savings
use Nabisco Cookies or Crackers, any 4.04-26 oz. $1/2 (11-7-10) SS-9/26
and a doubler
final: $.99

Nestle Juicy Juice, 64 oz. $1.49 after savings
use Nestle Juicy Juice Products, any $1/2 (EXPIRES 10-31-10) JuicyJuiceRP-8/1
use a doubler
final: $.49

The main problem I can see with this deal is that you can only use 3 doublers per transaction. So it's not an awesome stock up deal but an ok one if you need the items.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rite Aid Deals Starting 10/24

On Slick Deals there was this really comprehensive list of deals for Rite Aid starting Sunday October 24th. I am totally impressed by it. It really pays to be organized and prepared early for sales. This will surely help with that!


Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Crystal or Powder Packs (10 ct.) - $5, get $2 +UP
$1 MM or up to $16 MM with this scenario (also use VV Q)! Also eligible for $10 +UP wyb $30 (see deal under Health Care)
$1/1 Alka Seltzer Plus (VV Oct)
$3/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Powder Packs (RP 10/24/10)
$1/1 Alka-Seltzer Antacid or Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Product here [] or here []
$1/1 Alka Seltzer Plus Fast Crystal Packs peelie

Aveeno Shampoo, Conditioner, or Stylers - $5.99, get $1 +UP
$4/1 Aveeno Hair Care (VV Oct)
$1.50/1 or $1/1 printables here []
$1/1 Aveeno Active Naturals Nourish+ Hair Care Collection, Any Excludes Trial Size (Came With Free Sample)
$1/1 Aveeno or Aveeno Baby product print []

Carefree Pantiliners (18-22 ct.) - $0.99
$1/1 Carefree Product, exp. 3-31-11 (Good Housekeeping, Feb; Better Homes and Gardens, Feb; Woman's Day, Feb)
$1/2 Carefree Product, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 09/26/10)

Dial Hand Soap (7.5 - 9.375 oz.) - BOGO free
Free after Flu Book Q, and 2 MQs (one will have to be adjusted down)
$1/1 Dial Hand Soap (flu book)
$0.55/1 Dial product (peelie on foam soap)
$0.35/1 Dial Bar Pack or Dial Hand Soap, exp. 11/28/10 (RP 10/10/10)
$1/3 Dial Bar Pack or Liquid Hand Soap, exp. 11-28-10 (RP 10/10/10)

Dry Idea Deodorant - BOGO free
Use 2 Qs to get the $3.49-$3.99 items free (with 2nd coupon adjusted)
$2/1 Dry Idea Product, exp. 12-31-10 (InStyle, Oct or People Style Watch August 2010)
$1.50/2 Right Guard, Soft & Dri, Or Dry Idea Antiperspirant (RP 8/15/10 or Right Guard peelie)
$0.55/1 Right Guard, Soft & Dri, Or Dry Idea Antiperspirant (Right Guard peelie)

got2b Stylers - BOGO free
$2/1 Got2B Item (Oct VV)
$2/1 got2b Product, exp. 12-31-10 (Marie Claire Oct, ALL YOU Fashion & Beauty, ALL YOU Oct)
$2/1 got2b fat-tastic styling product (MQ with Walgreens Logo) - Marie Claire, October 2010 (page 244)
$1/1 got2b Product, exp. 12-01-10 (RP 08/01/10 #2)

Halls Cough Drops (20-25 ct. or Defense 30 ct.) - 2/$3, get $1 +UP wyb 2
Free Halls Refresh after +UP, VV Q, and two $0.75 MQs!
$0.50/1 Halls Cough Drops (Oct VV)
$0.75/1 Halls Refresh, exp. 12-31-10 (Tearpads in-store or ALL YOU Oct '10 or Sept '10)
$1/2 Halls Cough Drops, exp. 11-6-10 (SS 10/10/10)
$2/3 Various Brands - Gum, Candy or Halls, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/8/10)
$4/6 Various Brands - Gum, Candy or Halls, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/8/10)

Just For Men Touch of Gray Hair Color - $7.99
Free after MIR Just For Men Touch of Gray pdf []
$2/1 Just For Men print []

King Size Candy Bars (regular retail $1.59) - BOGO free
32 free + $5 MM with this scenario
BOGO Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way or Twix Brand Bar (up to $0.99 value), exp. 10-31 (RP 9/26/10)

Kotex Lightdays Pantiliners (18-22 ct.) - $0.99
$1/1 Kotex Product (Mailer)

Multipack Gum: Dentyne Ice, Extra, Trident White, or Wrigley's - 2/$3, get $10 +UP wyb $25 worth
18 free packs with this scenario
$2/3 Trident, Dentyne or Stride, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch or Halls, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/8/10)
$4/6 Trident, Dentyne or Stride, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch or Halls, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/8/10)

Nivea Happy Sensation Body Lotion - $5.99, get a $5 +UP
$1/1 Nivea Happy Sensation in free sample
$1/1 Nivea Body Lotion (8.4-oz. to 16.9-oz.), exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/29/10) or printable []

Buy any N.Y.C. Color Eye, Face, or Lip Cosmetics ($1.99-$4.99 retail value), get a Nail Enamel Free and get $1 +UP wyb any N.Y.C. Cosmetic valued $1.99 or above
FREE NYC Item (up to $4.47 value) wyb Minute Nail Polish, exp. 10-31 (ALL YOU Oct '10)

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips - BOGO free
$1/1 Physicians Formula, exp. 10-31-10 (SS 08/08/10)
Free after mail-in rebate: pdf [] (limit 1 per household, and limit 2 for Rhode Island residents)

Quaker Instant Oatmeal - 2/$5, get $1 +UP wyb 2
$2/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal printables here [] or here []
$1/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Quick or Old Fashioned Oats, exp. 12-31-10 (RP 09/12/10)

Renpure Shampoo & Conditioner - BOGO free
$3 Renpure full size (Oct. VV)
Renpure Try Me Free Rebate any organics product up to $9.95 - valid up to $9.95 (hangtags)

Salon Grafix Hair Spray, Mousse, or Gel (8-10 oz.) - BOGO free
10 oz. spray is $5.99; use 2 VV Qs to get 2 for free - ymmv being able to use 2 of the same vvq's in the same transaction
$3/1 Salon Grafix Item (VV Oct)

Tena or Serenity Underwear 16-18 ct., Pads 30-60 ct., Guards for Men 48 ct., or Ultra Thin Pads 32-42 ct. - $12.99, get $3 +UP
Tena Try Me Free Mail in Rebate (SS 10/3)
Tena Ultrathins $2.50 pdf []
Tena any $1 pdf []


Lexar or Sandisk 8GB SD Card (1 ct.) - $39.99, get $10 SCR

Vivitar 5.1 MP Digital Camera - $39.99, get $10 SCR (limit 1) and $5 +UP

Candy +UP Rewards

Wyb $25 of any advertised candy, get $10 +UP:

Cadbury Bars (3.5-4 oz.), King Size Candy Bars (regular retail $1.59) - BOGO free
BOGO Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Milky Way or Twix Brand Bar (up to $0.99 value), exp. 10-31 (RP 9/26/10)

Dove Harvest Miniatures (8.5-9.5 oz.) or Mars Mini Mix (10.5 oz.): $2.99
$1/2 Dove Chocolates (VV Oct)
$1/2 Dove Bagged Candies (Rite Aid Booklet)

$0.50/1 M&M's, Mixed Minis or Dove Promises Autumn Candy, exp. 10-31 (RP 8/29/10)

Hershey's Bliss (9.6 oz.), Ghirardelli (5.32 oz.), Lindor Truffles (6.3 oz.), or Wonka Chocolate (9.5 oz.) - $2.99
$1/1 Hershey Bliss Bagged Candy (VV Oct)
$1/3 Hershey's, Reese's or Kit Kat Snack Bag, exp. 10-16 (SS 9/26/10) or print []
$1/2 Hershey's Bliss Chocolates, Bag, exp. 12-26-10 (SS 09/26/10)

Multipack Gum: Dentyne Ice, Extra, Trident White, or Wrigley's - 2/$3
$2/3 Trident, Dentyne or Stride, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch or Halls, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/8/10)
$4/6 Trident, Dentyne or Stride, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch or Halls, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/8/10)

+UP Rewards


Chef Boyardee Bowls (14.25 oz.) - $1.99, get $1 +UP
$0.75/2 Chef Boyardee Canned Pasta, Microwaveable Bowls or Cups, exp. 11-14-10 (SS 10/03/10)
$1/6 Chef Boyardee, exp. 10-31-10 (ALL YOU Aug '10) [included in a ConAgra booklet in the August newsstand issue]

Crunch 'n Munch Toffee (12 oz.), Planters NUTrition Bars (6.15 oz), Planters Flavor Grove (5.75-6 oz.) - 2/$5, get $1 +UP wyb 2
$1/2 Crunch 'n Munch (inside packages or ALL YOU Aug '10, [included in a ConAgra booklet in the August newsstand issue)
$1/1 any Planters product print [] (must register)
$0.75/1 Planters Big Nut or Nut-rition Bars, exp. 10-24 (SS 08/22/10)
$0.75/1 Planters Flavor Grove Nuts, exp. 10-31-10 (SS 08/29/10)
$1/2 Planters Nuts, exp. 11-7-10 (SS 09/26/10)

Jack Link's Beef Jerky (3-3.25 oz.), Wonderful Pistachios 8 oz., or Simplify Trail Mix 8 pack - $2.99, get $1 +UP
$1/1 Jack Link's Jerky or Nuggets, exp. 10-31-10 (ALL YOU July '10 or peelie on product)
$0.55/1 Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Nuggets, or Tender Cuts, any (1) 3+ oz bag. (peelie on product)
$1/1 Wonderful Pistachios print []

Nature Valley Nut Clusters (5 oz.) - 2/$5, get $1 +UP wyb 2
$1/2 Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Nature Valley Oats & Honey, Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Macaroni, Progresso R & H Chicken Noodle, Nature Valley Nut Cluster Roasted Almond (VV Oct)
$1/1 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters, exp. 11-6-10 (GM 09/12/10)
$0.50/1 Nature Valley Nut Clusters print []
$0.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars/Clusters, exp. 11-6 (GM 09/12/10)
Final price: Roasted Almond 2/$1 after +UP, VV, and 2 $1/1 Q's!

Quaker Cereal Bars 10 pack - 2/$5, get $1 +UP wyb 2
$1/2 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, exp. 11-13-10 (RP 09/19/10)

Spam (12 oz.) - $1.99, get $1 +UP
$1/1 Hormel Compleats or Spam (Rite Aid Booklet)
$1.00/2 VV Oct exp 11/27/10
$0.99 after +UP and Flu Book Q!

Personal Care

AquaFresh, Luster, Listerine, or Rembrandt Whitening Kits (regular retail $19.99-$42.99) - get $5 +UP
$7/1 Aquafresh White Trays print []
$5/1 Luster 1 Hour White, exp. 12-31-10 (SS 09/12/10) or print []
$2/1 Luster Weekend White, exp. 12-31-10 (SS 09/12/10)
$5/1 Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit (peelie on product)
$3/1 Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips Or Pen Or Rembrandt 2 Hour Kit Or Strips, Any - 01-03-10 RP
$2/1 Rembrandt 2 Hour Kit Or Whitening Toothpaste, Any - 05-16-10 RP

Wyb $30 of Gillette, get $10 +UP:
Gillette Proglide Cartridges
$2/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor or cartridge, any one (Home Mailer)
Gillette Fusion Shave Gel
$1/1 Gillette Fusion Hydragel Shave Gel, Any (inside package)
Gillette Fusion ProSeries Skin Care
$3/1 Gillette ProSeries Skin Care (Rite Aid Booklet)
$2/1 Gillette ProSeries Skin Care Item, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)

Huggies Jumbo Pack Diapers, Pull-Ups or Overnites - $8.99, get $2 +UP
$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants print []
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers, any - 10-17-10 SS

Wyb $15 of L'Oreal cosmetics, get $5 +UP:
L'Oreal Cosmetics - BOGO 50% off
L'Oreal Infallible Lip $2 off (VV oct)
LOreal Foundation, Powder, Blush or Concealer, any $2 (12/12/10) V 9/19/2010
$2/1 LOreal Lash Boosting Serum, Mascara or Power System V 8/15/2010 or RP 10/24/10
LOreal Paris Eye Cosmetic Product $1 (11/7/10) V 8/15/2010 or RP 10/24/10

L'Oreal Excellence To Go Hair Color - $8.99, get $2 +UP
$2/1 in-ad Q
$2/1 L'Oreal Excellence Hair Color (VV Oct)

$2/1 L'Oreal Excellence or to-Go Shade, exp. 10-24 (RP 8/1/10)
$2/1 L'Oreal Excellence or To Go Shade, exp. 12-19-10 (RP 09/26/10)
$0.99 after in-ad, VV, and MQs!

RoC Skin Care (regular retail $18.99-$49.99) - $10 +UP wyb $40 worth
$3/1 RoC product printables here [] (must register) or here []
$2/1 RoC Anti-Aging Product, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 09/26/10) or print []

All Reading Glasses (excludes PowerLine Readers) - BOGO 50% off, get $3 +UP wyb any 2 pair reading glasses
$3/1 Insight Tube Reading Glasses (Rite Aid Booklet)

Health Care

Wyb $30 of these Bayer items, get $10 +UP:
Alka-Seltzer Plus (20 ct.), Aleve-D Sinus & Cold (10 ct.) - $4.99
$1/1 Alka Seltzer Plus (VV Oct)
$1/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Product (RP 10/24/10) or print []
$1/1 Aleve-D product (RP 10/24/10) or printables here [] or here []

Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Crystal or Powder Packs (10 ct.) - $5, get $2 +UP
$1/1 Alka Seltzer Plus (VV Oct)
$3/1 Alka-Seltzer Plus Fast Powder Packs (RP 10/24/10)
$1/1 Alka-Seltzer Antacid or Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Product here [] or here []
$1/1 Alka Seltzer Plus Fast Crystal Packs peelie

ALEVE (100-200 Caplets, Tablets, or Arthritis Caplets or 40-80 Liquid Gels) - $3 off with in-ad Q
$2/1 Aleve Product printable here [] or $1/1 printable here []

Any Bayer Aspirin (50-300 ct.) - $3 off with in-ad Q
$2/1 Bayer AM, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/01/10)
$1.50/1 Bayer AM print []
$1/1 Bayer Aspirin or Heart Health Advantage (RP 8/1/10 or RP 10/24/10) or print []

One a Day Vitamins, Citracal (80-200 ct.), Flintstones Children's Multivitamins (50-60 ct.) - BOGO 50% off
$2/1 One A Day Multivitamin, exp. 11-15-10 (RP 09/26/10) or here [] or $1/1 printables here [] or here []
$2/1 Citracal printable here [] or $1/1 Citracal product (RP 10/24/10) or print []
$2/1 Flintstones Multivitamin, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 07/25/10) or $1/1 printable here []

Phillips Milk of Magnesia 26 oz., Caplets 55 ct., or Colon Health 30 ct. - $3 off with in-ad Q
$3/1 Phillips Colon Health Product, exp. 12-31-10 (ALL YOU June or August '10)


Chestal 8.45 oz., Cold Calm 60-80 ct. - BOGO free, get $2 +UP/item
$1.50/1 Chestal Children's Product, exp. 12-31-11 (RP 01/24/10, Parents March 2010, Kiwi March 2010)
$1/1 Children's Chestal, Coldcalm, or Oscillococcinum print []

Children's Claritin (RediTabs 10 ct. or Chewables 20 ct., or Liquid 4 oz.) - $10 +UP wyb $25 worth
Various Claritin printables []

Genteal Eye Drops (10-15 ml or PM Ointment 3.5 gm), Clear Care or Aquify Multipurpose Solution (12 oz.) - $7.99, get $2 +UP
$2/1 GenTeal Product printables here [] or here []
$1.50/1 GenTeal product (SS 10/17/10)
$3/1 Clear Care Cleaning and Disinfecting Solution or AQuify Multi-Purpose Solution, exp. 1-7 (SS 8/22/10 or SS 8/15/10)

Mucinex (600 mg. or DM 40 ct., Max or Max DM 28 ct., Max D 24 ct., or D 36 ct.) - $21.99, get $3 +UP
$1/1 Mucinex, Adult or Children's (VV Oct)
$1.50/1 Mucinex Expectorant (Rite Aid Booklet)

$2/1 Mucinex D Product, Any (tearpad)

Nicorette Gum (100-110 ct.), Nicorette Mini Lozenges (81 ct.), Nicorette/Commit Lozenges (72 ct.), Nicoderm CQ Patch (14 ct.) - $39.99, get $5 +UP
$7/1 Commit Lozenge or Nicorette Lozenge, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/29/10) or print []
$7/1 Nicorette Mini Lozenge, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/29/10) or print []

Oscillococcinum 6-12 ct. - BOGO free, get $2 +UP/item
$3/1 Oscillococcinum Product (VV Oct)
$2/1 Oscillococcinum, exp. 12-31-11 (RP 01/24/10) or print []
$1/1 Children's Oscillococcinum print [$1]"]print[/URL]

Wyb $15, get $5 +UP:
Robitussin or Dimetapp 4-8 oz.
$2/1 Robitussin D print []
$1/1 Robitussin Product, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 09/26/10) or print []
$2/1 Dimetapp Product print []
$1/1 Dimetapp Product, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 09/26/10)
Robitussin To Go 10 ct.
$2/1 Robitussin to Go print []
$1/1 Robitussin Product, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 09/26/10) or print []

Senokot (100 ct. or Senokot-S 60 ct.) or Colace (100 mg. 60 ct.) - $23.99, get $5 +UP
$7 and $10 Senokot Mail-in Rebates pdf []
$5 Colace Mail-in Rebate print []

Zicam Cold Remedies and Allergy Sinus Relief - BOGO free, get $2 +UP/item
$2/1 Zicam Extreme Congestion, Intense Sinus, Or Allergy Relief, exp. 3-11-11 (SS 4/11/10, ALL YOU June '10, May '10, Family Circle June 2010, Woman's Day May 2010)
$2/1 On Any Zicam Cold Remedy Products after registration print []


Bounty Paper Towels 8 Roll Pack, Charmin Ultra Bathroom Tissue 12 Roll Pack + 4 Free - $6.99, get $1 +UP
$1/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins (P&G MIR Booklet)
$0.50/1 Bounty Paper Towels via Upromise Deposit
$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, exp. 10-31-10 (PG 09/26/10)
$0.25/1 Charmin Bathroom Tissue, exp. 10-31-10 (PG 09/26/10 or P&G 10/10/10)

Febreze Air & Fabric Spray (800 ml), Scented Candles (5.5 oz.), Noticeables Refill (1 pack) - 2/$10, get $1 +UP wyb 2
$2/1 Febreze WoodWick Candle, exp. 4-30-11 (Organize In Style)
$1/1 Febreze Candle, exp. 4-30-11 (Organize In Style or Decor Done Right)
B1G1 Febreze Set & Refresh wyb Candle, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)
$1/1 Febreze Noticeables Warmer/Refill, exp. 4-30 (Organize In Style or Decor Done Right)

Lysol Disinfectant Spray 19 oz. or Wipes 80 ct. - 2/$9, get $1 wyb 2
$1/1 Lysol Wipes (VV Oct)
$1.50/1 Lysol Wipes (Rite Aid Booklet)

$1/1 Lysol Disinfecting Spray, exp. 10-19-10 (SS 09/19/10) or print []
$1/2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, exp. 10-19-10 (SS 09/19/10) or print []

Pillow Pets - $19.99, get $2 +UP

Resolve Carpet Cleaner (22 oz.), Mop & Glo (32 oz.), Easy Off Oven Cleaner (16 oz.), Kaboom Tub & Tile Cleaner (32 oz.) - $3.99, get $1 +UP
$1/1 Resolve Product, exp. 10-24-10 (SS 09/12/10)


BeneVia 4 Pack - BOGO free
$3/1 BeneVia 4-pack print [] (must register)
$3/4 BeneVia Multipack print []

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries - BOGO free
$1.50/1 Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries, exp. 11-30-10 (P&G 10/10/10)

Estroven (24-40 ct.) - BOGO free
$3/1 Estroven print []

Buy any Eucerin Skin Care Item $9.99 or greater and get a Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Lotion or Hand Creme free ($5.29-$9.69 value)
$2/1 Eucerin Redness Relief product print []
$3/2 Eucerin, Everyday Protection Body or Face Lotion (4oz-13.5oz) (home mailer)
$1/1 Eucerin Body product (home mailer) or printables here [] or here []

Finesse Hair Care (7-13 oz.) - BOGO free
$2/1 Finesse Revitality Item (VV Oct)

FOCUSfactor (60 ct.) - BOGO free
Various FOCUSfactor printables []
$10/2 FOCUSfactor Product, exp. 10-31-10 (SS 08/15/10, SS 8/22/10, or SS 8/29/10)
$4/1 FOCUSfactor Product, exp. 10-31-10 (SS 08/15/10, SS 8/22/10, or SS 8/29/10)

Nair Hair Removal Wax Kits - BOGO free
$3/2 Nair products print [] (must register)

Natrol Supplements - BOGO free
$3/1 Natrol product (inside Acai product packages) 3pp pdf []
$2/1 Natrol product (RP 10/10/10)

Nature Made Vitamins and Supplements - BOGO free
Various Nature Made printables []
$3/1 Nature Made TripleFlex, exp. 10-12-10 (SS 09/12/10 #2) or print []
$2/1 Nature Made Fish Oil, exp. 11-22-10 (ALL YOU Oct '10)
$1/1 Nature Made Vitamins, exp. 10-12-10 (SS 09/12/10 #2) or print []

Oxy Skin Care Products - BOGO free
$1.50/1 Oxy Clinical product printables here [] or here [] or here []
$1/1 Oxy Clinical product (peelie inside Oxy Clinical)

Right Guard Deodorant - BOGO free
$3/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 print []
$1.50/2 Right Guard or Dry Idea, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 08/15/10)
$0.55/1 Right Guard Product, exp. 12-31-10 (Safeway, May)

Rite Aid Hydrogen Peroxide - BOGO free
$0.50/1 Rite Aid Hydrogen Peroxide Solution (Rite Aid Booklet)

Samy Hair Care ($4.99-$8.99 value) - BOGO free
$2/1 Samy Fat Hair (VV oct) , 6pp
$2/1 Samy Signature (VV oct) , 6pp

Scott Bath Tissue (4 Pack) or Kleenex Facial Tissue (White 85 or 200 ct., Assorted 100 or 184 ct., or Anti-Viral 75 ct.) - BOGO free
$1/1 Scott Bath Tissue (VV Oct)
$1/3 Kleenex Facial Tissue (VV Oct)

$0.50/3 Kleenex Facial Tissue, exp. 11-28-10 (SS 10/03/10)

Sundown Vitamins and Supplements - BOGO free
$1/1 Sundown Naturals Vitamin or Supplement, exp. 11-16 (SS 10/03/10) or print []

Other Deals

Advil Congestion Relief (20 ct.) - $2 off with in-ad Q
$1/1 Advil Product, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 09/26/10)

Always Maxi Pads (12-24 ct.), Pantiliners (34-60 ct.), Wipes (20 ct.) or Tampax Tampons (18-20 ct.) - BOGO 50% off
$2/1 Always Pad, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloths, exp. 10-31-10 (PG 09/26/10)
$0.50/1 Always Pantiliner, exp. 10-31-10 (PG 09/26/10)
$2/1 Tampax Pearl or Compak Pearl, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)
$1/1 Tampax Product, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)

Aveeno, A+D, or Burts Bees Baby Care - BOGO 50% off
$1/1 Aveeno Active Naturals or Baby, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 09/26/10)
$2/2 Aveeno Active Naturals or Baby, exp. 10-31-10 (RP 09/26/10)
$1/2 A+D Ointment printable print []

Cetaphil Skin Lotions and Cleansers - $2 off with in-ad Q
$2/1 Cetaphil Product (excluding bars) pdf [] or here [] or in Good Housekeeping March '10
$5 off Cetaphil RESTORADERM Skin Restoring Body Wash and Skin Restoring Moisturizer (must buy both) print [] (must register)
$3/1 Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50 print [] (must register)
$1/1 Cetaphil Product, exp. 12-31-10 (Good Housekeeping, May)

Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats, Massaging Gel or For Her Insoles - $9.99
$2/1 in-ad Q
$4/1 Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats (VV Oct)

$4 off Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats AND Insole (ALL YOU Oct '10)
$2/1 Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles print []

Eco Tools Bath Accessory $3.99 and Higher Retail - $2 off with in-ad Q

Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew or Ultra Lift Skin Care - $9.99
$2/1 Garnier Nutritioniste Gravity Defying Cream print []
$2/1 Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller print []
$2/1 Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer, exp. 1-31-11 (RP 10/10/10)
$1/1 Garnier Moisturizer or Cleanser, exp. 11-30-10 (RP 7/11/10, InStyle, Oct, or Oprah Magazine) or printable []

L'Oreal EverPure or EverStrong Hair Care - $5.99
$1/1 L'Oreal Everstrong/Everpure (VV Oct)
$1/1 L'Oreal Everstrong/Everpure (RA Flu booklet)
$2/1 L'Oreal Everpure Product, exp. 12-12-10 (RP 09/19/10) or print []
$1/1 L'Oreal Everpure Product (RP 10/24/10)
$2/1 L'Oreal Everstrong Product, exp. 12-12-10 (RP 09/19/10)
$1/1 L'Oreal Everstrong Product (RP 10/24/10)

L'Oreal Healthy Look Creme Gloss Hair Color - $8.99
$2/1 in-ad Q
$2/1 L'Oreal Healthy Look Hair Color (Rite Aid Booklet)

$2/1 L'Oreal Healthy Look Hair Color, exp. 11-21-10 (RP 08/29/10)
$2.99 after in-ad Q, Flu Book Q, and MQ!

Maybelline Cosmetics - BOGO 50% off
$2/1 Maybelline Eye Studio Color Gleam Eye Trio (VV Oct)
$2/1 Maybelline Eye Studio print [] & mail []
$2/1 Color Sensational Lipcolor, exp. 12-31-10 (InStyle, Oct)
$2/1 Maybelline Mousse Foundation, exp. 12-31 (ALL YOU Fashion)
$1/1 Maybelline New York Foundation (Good Housekeeping, Oct)
$1/1 Maybelline Eyeshadow or Eyeliner (RP 11/15/10)

Nexxus Hair Care ($10.99-$15.99 regular retail) - $9.99
$6/2 Nexxus Items (VV Oct)
$2/1 Nexxus Hair Care (Rite Aid Booklet)

Olay Ribbons Body Wash (18 oz.) - $5.99
$2/1 Olay Body Wash (Rite Aid Booklet)
$1.50/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash, In-Shower Body Lotion or Hand & Body Lotion, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)

Opti-Free Replenish or Express 10 oz., or Systane (10-15 ml, Ointment 3.5 gm, or Unit Dose 24-28 ct.) - $3 off with in-ad Q
$4/2 Opti-Free (RP 10/24/10)
$2/1 Opti-Free Replenish print []
$1/1 Opti-Free Replenish print []
$2/1 Systane Product, exp. 10-31-10 (SS 07/25/10 or RP 10/24/10) or print []

Oral-B Stages or Advantage or 3D Toothbrush (1 ct.) - $2.49
$1/1 Oral-B Toothbrush (Rite Aid Booklet)
B1G1 Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrush, exp. 10-31-10 (P&G 09/26/10)
$0.75/1 Oral-B Pulsar, CrossAction, or Advantage or Two Indicators (P&G MIR Booklet)
$0.75/1 Oral-B Pulsar Crossaction Advantage or (2) Indicator or Cavity Defense Manual Toothbrushes (P&G 10/10/10)

Philips Norelco Shavers or Refills - $5 off Regular Retail
$10/1 Philips Norelco Nivea or Arcitec Item, exp. 10-31 (SS 8/29/10)
$2/1 Philips product (RP 10/24/10)

Philips Sonicare Power Brushes or Replacement Brush Heads (2-3 ct.) - BOGO 50% off
$10/1 Philips Sonicare FlexCare, FlexCare+, HealthyWhite, Essence or Sonicare for Kids Rechargeable Toothbrush (SS 08/01/10)
$5/1 Philips Sonicare Xtreme Toothbrush, exp. 11-30-10 (SS 8/01/10)
$5/1 Philips Multi-Pack Sonicare Brush Heads, exp. 11-30 (SS 8/1/10)
$2/1 Philips product (RP 10/24/10)

Rite Aid Jumbo Pack Ultra Thin Maxi Pads (38-48 ct.) - BOGO 50% off
$1/1 Rite Aid Maxi Pads (Rite Aid Booklet)

Similac Baby Formula (Advanced with Early Shield, Sensitive, Rs or Soypowder 23.2 oz) - $2 off with in-ad Q
$3/1 Similac product print []

Speed Stick or Lady Speed Stick Deodorant (2.3-3.25 oz., excludes Twin Packs) - $2.99
$1/1 in-ad Q
$1/1 Speed Stick Lady Stainguard, exp. 11-30 (ALL YOU Fashion/Beauty)
$0.75/1 Lady Speed Stick Stainguard print []

Windex Glass Cleaner (26 oz.) or Wipes (28 ct.) - $2.99
$0.55/1 Windex Multi-Surface or Wipes, exp. 12-31 (Peelie on Product)
$0.55/1 Windex Multi-Surface Cleaner or Wipes, exp. 11-6 (SS 9/26/10)
$1/2 Windex Glass Cleaners, exp. 11-6-10 (SS 09/26/10)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Albertson's Preview

This next weeks Albertson's ad preview is up here on Pinching Your Pennies. There is a Conagra Promo and a promo for free milk when you buy 4 select General Mills Cereals. Both don't have that great of coupons to go with them though. Unless there are some awesome unadvertised catalinas or we get doubles (which is not likely to happen two weeks in a row); I am thinking this ad looks like a stinker.

New Rite Aid Coupon

Yay for Rite Aid! There is a new $5.00/$25.00 coupon here for Rite Aid that is valid until November 30, 2010. This is a pdf coupon so you can print as many as you need. I use at least one of these coupons every week to score great deals so this will come in very handy. Again, coupons like this are why I love Rite Aid.

New Bath and Body Works Coupon

There is this awesome new Bath and Body Works coupon for a free lip item when you buy any item (an up to $8.00 value) valid til October 21. I like to buy a small hand sanitizer ($1.00)or sanitizer holder ($.50) and then get the free item.

Here are a couple of other great Bath and Body Works coupons:

FREE Signature Collection Body Care item (up to a $12 value) with any $10 purchase
This coupon is valid through October 31st.

FREE travel-size item (up to a $5 value) with any purchase
This coupon is valid through October 20th.

Yesterday was the last day to get $6.00 Wallflower refills, so after my son got home for school I packed the kids up and we headed over to get some. It was one of those impulse moments.

I was able to use all three coupons. (Although they made me do 3 transactions). It was exciting to get $25.00 in free stuff. I was especially happy that they have their Christmas line out now, I really love the Peppermint hand lotion. YAY!

A Crafty Week!

Having our family be sick this last week left me with a lot of time on my hands; so I decided to pull out some crafts and work on them. Here's what I was able to accomplish:

CTR Towel

My niece got baptized last Saturday so I made this cute CTR (stands for Choose The Right) towel for her. I got the idea from this awesome website called Made With Love and Glue. It is way simpler than I thought it would be. The only problem was that my sewing machine is broken so I had to stitch it by hand. More time consuming but very well worth it. I now have to make one for my son who is getting baptized in November. Go here to get the directions on how to make it.

Jack-o-Lantern Luminary

Materials needed:
can - you can use any size you want, I chose a really large can I had from using my food storage.
awl or nail (I used a nail)
spray paint
wire or metal coat hanger for handle

Steps to make it:

1-Draw design of what you want on can.

2-Fill can with water and freeze overnight.

3-Use a nail or awl and a hammer to punch holes in the can following the design you drew.
(I wrapped the can in a towel to get a better grip on it.) Also put holes in the sides for the handle.
I forgot to do this on my first one before the ice melted. So no handle on that one.

4-Let water in can thaw (I just ran hot water on it til the ice melted) and dry well.

5-Spray paint can and let dry.

6-Put wire through holes in the sides to form handle.

7- Stick a candle inside, light it and presto a festive luminary!

I plan on making one for each of the holidays. Hearts for Valentines, Leaves for Thanksgiving, Tree for Christmas ect. (you get the idea). They are so cheap (only cost $2.97 for the spray paint which covered 3 large cans), easy and way cute!

Dragon Themed Birthday Invitations

My son is turning 8 this week and he is having a party on Friday with his friends. I am so cheap when it comes to parties that I try to make everything myself. Well this year my son wanted a dragon themed party (we are watching "How to Train Your Dragon" at the party). I decided to even make the invites myself.

I used cardstock and printed on it this cute saying (plus the party info.):

“I’ll tell you a tale of a boy who could fly,
It wasn’t by plane, and it wasn’t a lie.
It wasn’t by train, and it wasn’t by wagon,
The boy flew around on the back of a dragon!”

Then I cut out the invites and painted them to look like medeival parchment paper. (I used washable paint with a lot of water and let them dry overnight)

Then the fun part came. I stood over the sink and burned the edges of the paper with a candle to make it look like a dragon had gotten a hold of it. My whole house still smells like a bonfire.

Here's how they turned out:

My son was so trilled, he said this is going to be the best birthday ever. Now I am going to attempt to make a dragon cake; most daring cake yet. I will post how the party went next week. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Peelie Alert At Albertson's

While at Albertson's this morning I found $.50/1 peelies on the American Beauty Quick cook pasta. Here's what I did:

American Beauty Quick Cook Pasta $1.00 sale price
use $.50/1 peelie
use 1 doubler
final: FREE

So if you are headed out to shop Albertson's be on the look out for them and score some free pasta!

Totally Free Sparkling Limeades At Taco Bell

I don't know if you noticed in Sunday's paper there were coupons in the Red Plum for a totally free Sparkling Limeade from Taco Bell. We had these coupons this summer and it was awesome so, I was so happy to see we got them again. I love to get these for the kiddos when we are out and they ask for a treat. Thank you Taco Bell!

Cheap Seventh Generation & Cheese at Fred Meyer

This week at Fred Meyer they are having an awesome deal on Seventh Genereation Products which on sale for 50% off. I went over there this morning and here are some of the deals that I found.

Seventh Generation Tissue $1.09 sale price
use $1.00/1 from 8/08 RP excluding single roll paper towels
or $2.00/2 from here
final: $.09 each

Seventh Generation Liquid Dish Soap $1.79 sale price
use $1.00/1 from 8/08 RP excluding single roll paper towels
or $2.00/2 from here
or $1.00/1 taped to product
Final: $.74 each

Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent 45 oz. $2.50 sale price
use $1.00/1 from 8/08 RP excluding single roll paper towels
or $2.00/2 from here
or $1.00/1 taped to product
final: $1.50 each

Seventh Generation Cleaner or Cleaning wipes $1.99 sale price
use $1.00/1 from 8/08 RP excluding single roll paper towels
or $2.00/2 from here
final: $.99

Seventh Generation Baby Wipes 70 count $2.29
use $1.00/1 from 8/08 RP excluding single roll paper towels
or $2.00/2 from here
final: $1.29

There really were so many other great deals too. I didn't need anything but the tissue so I stocked up on that. I would head over there soon for the best selection.

They also have Tillamook cheese on sale for $3.99 with in ad coupon. Here's what I did.

2lb. Tillamook Cheese $3.99 with in ad coupon
use $1.00/2lbs. any cheese from here (only valid in Utah and Idaho)
final: $2.99 (This is my personal stock up price for cheese.

Albertson's Doubles Deals!

In Sunday's paper there were three Albertson's Twice the Value Coupons. Here are a few deals that I am liking to use mine with:

Kerr Reg Lids, 12 ct $1.91
use$1/1 Kerr Coupon
use 1 doubler
Final Price: FREE

Reach Floss $1.89
DOUBLE:$1/1 Floss coupon
Final Price: FREE

Crest Toothpaste $1.00
DOUBLE: .75/1 from 10/10 PG insert
Final Price: FREE

Act II Popcorn 3 pk $1.00
DOUBLE: .75/1 from 9/26 SS {Idaho got .40/1}
Final Price: FREE or .20

Bestlife Buttery Spread $1.99
DOUBLE:$1/1 Bestlife coupon
Final Price: FREE

American Beauty Quick Cook Pasta $1.00
DOUBLE: .50/1 Pasta Coupon or $.55/1 from 8/08 SS
Final Price: FREE

Rhodes Warm N Serve Rolls $2.50
DOUBLE: $1/1 Rhodes coupon
Final Price: .50!

Thanks Fabulessly Frugal for the matchups!

I will hopefully make my way over there today and will let you know if I find anything else that I am trilled about!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Homemade Peanut Butter Granola

I was up all last night with my little girl who has a really terrible cold. My husband and I took turns sitting up in the recliner with her. This morning she is still sick and I feel a little better than I did yesterday; although quit tired.

After I got her settled this morning, I played around on the internet and stumbled on this great recipe for Homemade Peanut Butter Granola. Since I am in no shape to go anywhere and am awfully bored just sitting; I decided to make some. And let me tell you it is so very yummy! We don't normally eat granola but this stuff is so good that I think we might just have to take up the habit. Go here to Lyn's Kitchen Adventures to see the recipe.

I think that we just found a new family favorite. I guess there is an up side to getting sick!

Rite Aid Deals Starting 10/17

This next week at Rite Aid there are tons of freebies after the single check rebates. And most are cold remedies so I guess it is time to stock up on them as we approach the cold and flue season.
Go here ( Thanks i heart rite aid) to see a copy of the ad.
My favorite deals are listed below:


Bee M.D. Cough Drops 21 ct get up to $2.49 scr #22 limit 1

Blink Tears $7.99 Get $7.99 SRC #32 Limit 1

Bodi Heat Beyond Wraps 2-3 ct. $2.99 Get $2.99 SCR #27 Limit 1

BioGuard Advanced Probiotic Ear, Nose and Throat Care Tablets 30 ct get up to $6.99 scr #21 limit 1

Dr. Thompson’s Coldwar Extended Relief Tablets 20 ct get up to $3.99 scr #28 limit 1

Chestal Childrens Honey Cough Syrup $4.99 Get $4.99 SCR #26 Limit 1
use $1.00/1 here
final: $1.00 moneymaker

Oscillococcinum Natural Flu Medacine $4.99 Get $4.99 SCR #25 Limit 1
use $1.00/1 here
final: $1.00 moneymaker

Cold Buster Warming Syrup $6.69 get $6.69 SCR #24 Limit 1

Simply Saline Children’s Nasal Mist 1.5 oz get up to $3.99 scr #31 limit 1 use $1.00/1 here final: $1.00 money maker
Thera Max Allergy or cold and Flue Spray $6.99 Get $6.99 SCR #29 Limit 1

Thermacare Back Patch 1 count $2.99 Get $2.99 SCR #23 Limit 1
use $1.00/1 here
final: $1.00 money maker

Arm and Hammer Laundry Soap Buy One Get One Free
use $1.00/1 Power Gel Detergent here (if included)
or $1.00/2 here
final: unknown

*Remember you can use 2 coupons (one for each item) in a BOGO sale at Rite Aid. It is clearly stated in their coupon policy so if you have problems go here to print it and take it with you to the store.

Spray-N-Wash with Resolve $2/$5.00 get $1.00 +up wyb 2
use 2- $1.00/1 Resolve product from 9/12 SS
final: free After +up rewards

Nabisco Snack Size cookies or crackers $1.00
use $1.00/2 from here
and $1.00/2 Video values Sept. (if you already watched video) or Oct.
final: free
(Buy 10 worth of these products and get $1.00 +UP reward)

Frebreeze Noticeables warmer $2/$5.00 get $1.00 +up reward wyb 2
use $3.00/1 from 9/26 PG
final: $1.00 money maker

Old Spice Body Wash 2/$6.00 buy 2 get $2.00 +up reward
use BOGO free coupon 9/26 PG
final: 2/$1.00

Buy $15.00 in Nivea products get $5.00 +up reward

Nivea Body Wash $3.99
use $3.00/2 from 10/17 RP
final: $2.49 each

Nivea Men's Body Wash $3.99
use $3.00/1 from 10/17 RP
final: $.99 each

Nivea body lotion or creame $5.99 get $1.00 +up reward

My deal idea:
4 Frebreeze Noticeables warmers $10.00 ($2.50 each )
4 Men's body wash $15.9( $3.99 each)
2 Old Spice Body wash $6.00 ($3.00 each)
total: $31.96

Use $5.00/$25.00 coupon here
use 4 $3.00/1 frebeeze coupons 9/26 PG (coupon should be adjusted down to $2.50)
use 4 $3.00/1 Nivea men's body wash coupons 10/17 RP
use 1 Old Spice BOGO free 9/26 PG
Pay: $1.96 out of pocket and get back $5.00 +up reward from Nivea, $1.00 +up reward for Frebreeze and $2.00 +up from Old Spice

$6.04 moneymaker!!!!