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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Free Capri Sun Sunrise at Albertson's

This week at Albertson's Capri Sun Sunrise juice pouches are on sale for 2/4.00.
There is a coupon for 1.00/1 from the 4/25 SS (my area didn't get it) which will make it only 1.00 per 10 ct. box. But if we do get doubles on Sunday then they will be free. Yay!

I bought 20 coupons off of Ebay for a little over 5.00. I know the price seems high but believe me some were going for 9.00 per 20 coupons. Plus if you figure that the 5.00 that I spent on coupons really equals 40.00 worth of savings then it is not so bad. My final price per box will only be around .25 plus tax. I plan on saving them for this summer when we are out of the house more and for the next school year to send in lunches.

If you didn't get them in your area then you can still snag some here. I would suggest doing it today and to pay for priority shipping so they get to you in time.

Also, I special ordered the 20 that I wanted. When I was talking to my local manager he said that since those are not the kind that people normally buy he was glad that I special ordered. He only had one case in the back for an upcoming sale. So if you want a large amount of them, I would strongly suggest that you special order. Plus then you don't clear the shelves and those who just want one or two can get them.

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