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Monday, August 30, 2010

This Is Why I Coupon!

I had the most splendid day couponing. I got all of this stuff (plus a 3 pack of Scotch tape and an 8 pack of Bic pens not shown) for $10.76 and it is a $19.21 moneymaker if you include rebates, +up rewards and catalinas. Yay!
How did I do this well coupons of course.
I went to 3 stores Albertson's, Rite Aid, and Staples and it took about an hour and a half of shopping to accomplish it. Here's what I got:


7-Act 2 Popcorn $.88
used $.40/1 (expired today)
rounded to $1.00
final: free

7-Dial Hand Soap $.99
used $.35/1
rounded to $1.00
final: free

1 Ken's salad Dressing $1.25
used $1.00/1
final: $.25

3-Colgate Toothpaste $1.00
used $.40/1 from 8/29 SS
rounded to $1.00
final: free

Honey Nut Cherrios $3.59
used free coupon I won from playing game
final: free

6- Sunbird Seasonings $1.19 each
used $.25/1 from 8/29 SS
round to $1.00
final: $.19

6- Ramen Noodles $1.00 each
used $.50/1 from 8/29 SS
rounded to $1.00
final: free

Ball Park Meat Franks $1.99
used $2.00/1 from Facebook (no longer available)
final: free

20- Kraft Dressings $1.34 (I got them for my sister in law)
I bought them 5 at a time. Each deal went like this:
5- Kraft Dressings $1.34 each
used $.35/1 peelie coupons
each coupon rounded to $1.00
final: $1.70 and I got a $5.00 catalina back from each 5

I rolled my dressing catalinas and was able to buy everything below with the overage.

1 gallon milk $2.39
1 package lunch meat $2.50
1 pound chicken tenders $3.41
1 package gold fish $1.00

3-Grandma Sycamor's Bread $1.89
used $.55/1 peelie coupons
rounded to $1.00
final: $.89 each

Bannanas $1.19
used $1.00 off produce when you buy 2 kraft salad dressing tear pad coupon
final: $.19

I did a total of 4 transactions and used a $2.00 survey coupon also. For all of this I paid $5.97 out of pocket and still have a $5.00 catalina to use for next time.

Rite Aid:

1 pampers pull ups $8.99
1 pampers wipes $3.49
1 tide stain release 18 count $5.99
6- Gain dish soap $.89
Butt Paste $3.99 (my kids can't stop saying the name of this product)
total: $33.79
coupons used:
$3.00/1 pampers diapers from vocal point home mailer
free pampers wipes when you buy diapers coupon (not sure what insert)
$1.00/1 Gain Dish soap from PG 8/29
$1.00/1 Butt paste from 8/29 SS
$3.00/1 Butt paste Video Values coupon for Sept.
$3.00/1 tide stain release from home mailer
$5.00/$25.00 Video Values coupon
$2.00 +up rewards that I already had
final: $2.38
And I got back $3.00 in +up rewards to use next time.


2 Hammermill Paper $4.99
1 Photo paper $13.99
2 School Glue $.01 each
1 Bic Pens $.01
3 pack Scotch tape $2.00
total: $26.00
coupons used
$5.00/$25.00 purchase from home mailer
total: $21.00
I paid with a gift card I got for buying my son's school back pack.
Final: 1.03 plus $1.38 tax
I then will get back $21.97 in rebates.

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