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Monday, August 9, 2010

From Idaho With Love: Day One

Every day this week I am going to tell you about some of my favorite cheap family outings right here in Idaho. You see my husband has taken next week off for vacation. The catch is that we opted to not go anywhere far and to spend our vacation money on a new bed and couch (we desperately needed them. Our bed was a hand-me-down and was about 20+ years old and our couch well I can't tell you how many back aches I got from it.)
Since we are staying around here, I am in charge of coming up with fun things for us to do. I thought I would include all of you in my planning. All the places that I am going to tell you about my family loves and have a lot of fun at but don't break the bank.
My first spot that I love is Eagle Island State Park. It is located at 4000 W. Hatchery Road in Eagle Idaho. It is $5.00 per car load to enter (or $40.00 per year) and it is worth every penny. It features a popular swimming beach, a grassy picnic area, a waterslide and more than five miles of trails for those looking for a place to ride horses, hike, walk your dog, or play disc golf.

We just went there this past weekend and loved it. The water slide was my son's favorite thing. The cost is just $1.00 per ride or you can buy 10 rides for $7.00. If you are going to be there all day then $12.00 gets you an unlimited pass. There is a height limit (42") so me youngest wasn't able to go but there is a shaded area that we took turns waiting with her in. Next time we will probably take her to the playground they have so she can have more fun.

The swimming/beach are is also really nice. Normally I don't like going to swimming pools becasue the children there tend to not be supervised and it is just not fun to be around them. But here everyone was so polite. All children have been well behaved. I was really glad of that with small children. My kids liked to bring their buckets and shovels and build sandcastles. So fun!

They have lots of picnic tables and a few of those built in BBQ's that use charcoal. We just brought our little camping Barbeque and used that. There are some shade trees but I would recomend being there really early as those spots are taken fast. Or if you don't want to cook there they also have a snack bar where the prices weren't too crazy. ( Not couponing prices but not as bad as most of these kind of places.)

Overall for less than twenty bucks you can take your kids swimming, go on a water slide, and have lots of other adventures. It's a great value especially compared to lets say Roaring Springs (the water park in Boise). I almost passed out looking at how much it would cost for our family to go there. Check out the Eagle Island State Park's website here. I would highly recommend it as a place to have cheap family centered fun.

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