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Monday, August 2, 2010

Get Orgnanized: Day One Results

There is nothing like posting something on a blog to motivate you to do it. I totally was not feeling like cleaning at all today but I mustered up the gumption and did it. You know it felt really good too. I had to wait til after Family Home Evening and putting the kids to bed to get this post up; so sorry it's so late. Well, this is how my closet turned out:

Everything is clean and organized in the closet. I now know where everything is and the stuff that needs to be used first is in the front. Go here to see what it looked like before.

I was also able to fill up these three boxes to give away.

My tip for today on organizing toiletries is re-purposing old diaper wipe tubs to store items that are small and don't stack well. I label them and make sure that I place them where I can read them easily. It also makes me feel better about all the diaper wipes that I have had to buy. Free storage containers are always welcome. Here's what mine look like:

My marker was running out of ink and I couldn't seem to find any of the ten million other sharpie markers roaming around my house. I will probably go back and make the labels darker later.

Tomorrow I am tackling my hallway closet. I spilled a box of pins today in there and haven't found them all yet. So it should be really fun. Check back and see how I do.

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