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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Get Organized: Day 4 Results

It's Done!

I finally finished sprucing up my spare room. Over three hours of hard work and it's done. Go here to see how it looked before. Here's how it looks now:

I have organized all my coupons and everything is up to date. Papers have been thrown away and everything is in it's place. Yay! I am so not going to let it get that bad again. Diligence is my new best friend for sure.

While I was organizing my coupons I couldn't believe that I still had inserts from last September. Wow!

Although I have been slacking off on the organization part of couponing; I really love the method that I use. My method includes organizing my whole inserts by month into files and keeping them in a plastic file box.

I label the front of the inserts with the date so it makes it easier to find them. I also have files in my box for printed coupons, micsilaneous coupons (like peelies and home mailers), rebate information and one for that weeks ads that I want to keep. I only cut the coupons that I know that I will be using that week or ones for products that I am looking to stock up on (especially if they are high value coupons). I then just use a small accordian file to carry them to the store. Mine I got about six year ago for about $.25 at Walmart on clearance. It is just the right size to fit into my purse and to maneuver with in the store.

My strategy in couponing is to plan, plan, and plan my trips to the store. There is nothing that I hate more than wandering around a store looking for deals. Also I don't have the time to clip every coupon, nor do I have that kind of patience. Sure I may miss some deals because I don't have a coupon with me but mostly My method is more about consuming wisely with a purpose instead of just doing it because you can.

I used to the binder method of couponing which many happily use. But for me I was spending hours organizing and when I went to the store I felt more tempted to get deals that I didn't need just because I could. Plus I found it hard to lug around my coupon binder with two kids. I"m all about making couponing simpler.

Overall I had a very productive day. Check back tommorrow and see my strategy for keeping my house organized. Just like how I coupon I think that I am definitely in need of a plan.

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