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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Keeping Family First

I remember when I first started couponing, I couldn't wait to get all the great deals. I dragged my kids from store to store trying to get as many as I could. On Sundays I would cut my coupons and spend half the day making strategies for deals I would do that week. I look back now and laugh at how silly I was. I didn't realize that there are always good deals to be had and that sales come in cycles. In many ways I regret doing this because it consumed a lot of my time which I could have been spending with my family.

This summer more than any other time in my life I have realized just how short life is and how precious and fleeting those moments with our family are. We only get one life and every minute we spend during it should be spent wisely. This past week I received some really bad news about my mom. It got me to thinking just how important it is to spend time with those that we love. Our society has gotten away from focusing on our families. Life tends to rush us from one place to another and spending time with our families can kind of get lost in cracks. We have to be conscious of this and make every effort to not just be with our families but to spend time with them.

So today I just wanted to remind all of you that couponing, although it can be very financially rewarding, does take time and if you let it then it can really take away from those you love. That is why I don't do any couponing on Sunday (not even posts). It is my day to spend exclusively with my family.

With that said I just want to encourage all of you to take the day off, spend time with your kids, go for a walk with your husband, call your sister, just spend time with all those you coupon for. The sales will wait, the deals will come around again. Make today a day to put your family first!

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