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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Teaching Kids To Pay It Forward

Monday night for Family Home Evening (my families scheduled night a week to do stuff together) we took some of the boxes I had filled with toiletries to an elderly women that has many health problems and is taking care of several of her teenage granddaughters. My son and I were the ones who went up to the door to drop it off. He felt really proud to be able to give them stuff that he helped to shop for.

Later when I talked with him about it, we discussed how blessed we are and how because we are so blessed we should share our blessings with others. This is what he said about it ( I am paraphrasing a bit)

"We are really rich and there are others that don't have that much. Heavenly Father has given us a lot. So he wants us to share it with others. It felt good to give them that stuff. They seemed really happy to get it. I know that's what Heavenly Father wants me to do. It makes me happy."

As a mother I try so hard to instill good values in my kids, and hearing my son say that really made me realize just how much I can influence them for good. Although we are by no means "really rich" ( I joke about being rich when we come home with lots of great deals); it is good to see that he realizes that we have been very blessed and that we can pay that forward to others.

I know that sometimes I show pictures of what I buy and it seems like so much. But as I am buying it I try to make it very clear to my kids (and hopefully to all of you) that some of it is for me and some is for others that may not be able to get those things. I don't only say this, but try hard to show them that this is how we should live.

I truly believe that if we all, no matter what our circumstances are, try to share what we have with others then not only are we able to bless those around us but it is a way to show gratitude for what we have been given. And what better way to do this then with our kids by our sides.

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