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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Few More Albertson's Deals and My Trip

I went to Albertsons yesterday to use my doublers. When I got home I took a picture of all my great deals. Then last night I went to download the picture and my camera went crazy and erased it. Lets just say that I did not have very kind words for my camera. Since I wasn't going to pull everything back out to retake it there is no picture. :(
Here's what I got though:

4 Prego Pasta Sauce
3 Bell Jar Lids
2 Bell Canning Funnels
3 Fritos Chips
3 Fritos Dips
2 packages Corn Tortillas (used a rain check from when they were $1.29 each doubled and got them for free)
3 Libby's Canned Corn
2 boxes Honey Nut Cherrios
4 Boxes Ziploc Bags

You can find out what I did with all these items here and here.

And there were a couple of surprise deals that I got:

Bell Freezer container $2.49 Clearenced (I got 1)
used $1.00/1 from 8/1 SS
used 1 doubler
final: $.49

Bell Elite Canning Jars 4- half pint jars $3.99 clearenced (I got 2)
used $1.00/1 from 8/1 SS
used 1 doubler
final: $1.99

Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste 8.2 oz. $1.89 (on special) (I got 1)
used $1.00/1 tear pad coupon in store( I was at the Overland and Orchard one in Boise)
used 1 doubler
final: free plus $.11 overage

Colgate Kids Toothpaste $2.39 (I got 2)
used $1.00/1 tear pad coupons in store (I was at the Overland and Orchard one in Boise)
used 1 douber for each
final: $.39

Revelon Emery Boards $1.99 ( I got 1)
used $1.00/1 not sure what insert
used 1 doubler
final: free

They also have Pepperidge Farm cookies on sale for $1.99 and there is a coupon here for $1.00/1 so they would be free after coupons. I ran out of printer ink last night so I didn't get any.

I also bought a gallon of milk. Including tax I spent $17.78 for $60.39 worth of products (before coupons). That's roughly a 70% savings. Yay! What deals have you all found this week?

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