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Thursday, August 12, 2010

No Eating Out In August Challange

This week is over halfway through and we are still under budget. We spent nothing yesterday on eating out. In fact, I was really busy and we normally just eat out when life gets too crazy. Instead we opted to have sandwiches which are quick and easy. I am really proud of us for sticking to our guns. For a minute last night I didn't think that we were going to make it.

This week total is $8.47.
The total for the month is $14.42.

Here are the guidelines we set up for the challenge:

1. Reduce our $20.00 a week budget for eating out to $10.00 a week. Putting the extra $10.00 into our Christmas fund.

2. Try to not eat out more than one time a week. (This is particularly going to be challenging for my husband because the people at his work love to eat out and he loves to go with them.)

3. Work or church related eating out that we do not pay for does not count.

4. We will track our progress daily and report back here. I am hoping this will motivate us since we are going to have more accountability to all of you.

Good luck to all of you who may be challenging yourselves to not eat out also.

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