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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I've Been Sick!

On Monday night I woke up really really sick. I had been suffering for a headache for several days and it got so bad that I was sick to my stomach. Needless to say yesterday I was completely immobilized by the headache. When I went to the doctor this morning I found out that it was a really bad migraine. I get headaches a lot but seriously this was the worst one that I have ever had. Well the doctor prescribed some fast acting medicine. I could not believe how well it worked. Within an hour of taking it I was feeling so much better and by this afternoon I feel great. (A little off from the medicine but no horrible pain.)

Well I just thought I would mention just how exspensive medicine is. With our insurance it cost around $22.00 but if we hadn't had insurance it would have cost us $197.00. And that was only for nine pills! How crazy is that! Thats over twenty bucks a pill. I had to take two pills today so if I hadn't had insurance with a good perscription plan I would have just spent my weekly grocery budget on two pills. It is such a racket. How do people afford to pay for medicines they need if they don't have insurance.
Because of the rising cost of health care my husband and I have put a really high priority on always having decent health insurance. In fact when my husband first got out of law school he had a job with really high insurance prices for me. We decided that it was too risky to not pay the higher premiums than to not have health insurance for me. Although it was a higher amount every month for the premiums we were not left with high health care bills we would have had without it. Now my husbands job has really good health insurance with low premiums. We are really grateful for that. But even if we didn't have it we would still pay more each month because you just never know what could happen.

What do you all feel about health insurance? Is it worth it to you?

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