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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Organized: Day Two

Today I am tackleing my hallway closet. This is the closet were I keep the kids games, craft, food storage and various other things. It kind of has turned into my catch all closet. I am really bad about getting stuff out of here and then just throwing it back in. My kids also like to rummage through here and make a huge mess out of the games and puzzles. They are so mixed up. Here's my messy closet:

I am planning on going through all the crafts and games and putting them in the correct places. I am also going to wipe down all the shelves (my house gets really dusty). Also as I mentioned last night I spilled a container of pins everywhere and haven't found them all. Lets just hope no one steps on one. Yikes! Well I have some work ahead of me today. Check back tonight to see how it went.

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