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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Get Organized: Day 2 Results

Today quest for cleanliness took much more time than I expected. Once I got doing it I realized things were messier than I imagined. But with the help of my two kiddos the hall closet is clean and organized. (I should have taken a picture of the big bag of stuff that I threw out. It surprised me how many things were just trash in there.) Go here to see what it looked like before.
Here it is:

The best part is that my kids puzzles are organized and won't fall off the shelves and get all mixed together any more.

Here's a great tip for organizing puzzles. Put all the pieces into a zip-lock bag, cut out the front of the puzzle box (so you know what the puzzle should look like) and include that in the bag. By doing this you save so much room and puzzle pieces tend to stay together more. If the bag you put them in has writing, I like to face the box fronts on the clear side. It just makes them look better.

I then put all the puzzles together a basket. I am hoping that this will minimize losing pieces. It has already made a lot of extra room.

Oh and I was kind of really motivated today and started (well almost completed) my organization project for tomorrow. Yea I know I'm an overachiever. Check in the morning to see my scary pantry and it's transformation.

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