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Monday, August 2, 2010

Get Organized: Day One

I realized that every year no matter what as soon as the summer hits I start to relax about household chores. As the summer progresses, I get even more relaxed and things start to pile up. By the time school starts, I have put off doing so many things that I am swamped and it takes me until the holidays to get everything in order.This year is going to be different, I have vowed that I am going to get back on track before my son's school starts. Well that date is slowly creeping up on me and I have decided that this week is the week that we get organized. Every day I will show you what project I have accomplished.

Today I have decided to tell you about my bathroom closet. In fact this closet is a big reason that I love my house so much. It can store so many toiletries that I am amazed. The downside to this is that I haven't been very diligent about organizing things when I put them away. As a result my closet is such a mess. I couldn't tell what all is in there. I have been planning on donating some of the items but instead I have just been sticking them on the shelves in there where they then get lost and forgotten about. Here's what it looks like (sorry the pictures are hard to see, I really need a new camera. Mines currently being held together with tape!):

My goal for today is to get it organized and to wipe down all the shelves. I am also going to be filling some boxes for several elderly people in my church who need these types of things and one for the food bank. I will be working on it this afternoon and will report back my results and a few tips on organizing toiletries tonight. Wish me luck!

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