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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Get Organized: Day 3

I was so motivated yesterday that I got a jump start on today's organization plan. I got most of the work done on my kitchen pantry and finished the rest of it this morning. When I went to put the pictures of the before on my camera of course it wouldn't download. I can see it on my camera but for some reason my computer won't read it. So unfortunately I can't show you all (or maybe it is a blessing since it was embarrassingly messy! LOL!). Well I worked really hard and this is how it looks now:

In my pantry I try to find the cheapest ways to organize things. I like to reuse a lot of things and get stuff from the dollar store. I got the two big containers below from the dollar store and the other container is an old mayo jar. I thought that since I got them for so cheap that they would be junk but actually I have had them for the last five years and they work great.

I also like to re-purpose the tubs that ice cream come in for my flour. I have had this one for about six years and it is still going strong.

Another thing that I really love is this hanging basket to put onions and garlic in. By having it hand I can also store things below and behind it making more room. I got mine free during collage where our appartment complex had an area where residents could leave stuff they didn't need anymore and take what they needed. So I got this for free but can't imagine them being that expensive at the store.

Finallly here's a great tip on how to store all those packets of seasoning that we tend to aquire. I use an $1.00 plastic shoe box. It makes them easier to see and keep organized but also they can be stacked on each other to create more room.

I am glad that I did most of the work in my pantry yesterday because it gave me a day to rest a bit before I start on the messiest room in the house, my spare bedroom. If you thought that the stuff I have shown you was messy before well this will certainly take the cake. The room is my catch all room and when something doesn't have a place it goes there. It is also the room where I keep my coupons (which have not been tended to in quit a while). Try to imagine an explosion of coupons and that will be this room. Keep me in your prayers, I am going to need all the help I can get.

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