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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Amazing Rite Aid Adventures

Oh Rite Aid, how I love your coupon policy.
I love your deals.
I love your friendly cashiers.
I love how little I spend.
I love Rite Aid!

(Yes it is a poem about Rite Aid. And no it is not very good but after my trip this week at Rite Aid I got a little carried away with how much I love shopping there.)

So Here is what I got this week at Rite Aid:

1 large squirt gun
2 pack squirt guns
1 pack water balloons
1 football with tail
1 gallon milk
1 carton eggs
1 snack size goldfish .99 ( not shown, we ate it in the car)
7 Carefree pantyliners (to donate)
18 Cover girl makeup items (for my sister-in-law)
3 Kids Sunglasses

After all my coupons and doing 4 transactions I only paid $7.76 (tax included) for all of this.

Plus I will be able to submit it for $4.00 in rebates for the sunglasses and get the 100.00 worth of P&G coupons rebate.

After rebates it was like I spent $3.76 for $162.90 worth of items. That's about .10 per item!

Even with the bad poetry it was an awesome day!

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