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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Albertson's Trip This Week

I went to Albertson's yesterday and wow what a trip!
I did so many transactions it was crazy.
I was suprised that I was only in the store for an hour.
My daughter was so good too (with the help of bribes).
Here's what I did:

30 Velveeta and Cheese Cups
( I had special ordered 54 but when they came some were past the expiration date. What a bummer!)

Deal: 4 Velveeta and Cheese Cups $4.00
use $1.00/2 from 4/25 SS
use 2 doublers
paid: $.12
Got $1.50 oyno

Bonus Catalina
Buy 2 get $.50 oyno
Buy 3 Bet $1.00 oyno
Buy 4 or more get $1.50 oyno

6- Cheetos Zingers $1.67 each
used $1.00/1
used 1 doubler
paid: free plus $.33 overage

4- Nesquick single serve $1.29
used $1.00/2 from 5/2 SS
used 1 doubler
paid: .29 each

2- Lysol Toilet Cleaner $1.44 each
used $1.00/1 internet printable not sure where I got it
used 1 doubler
paid: free plus .54 overage

2- Nestle Cookie Refrigerated Cookie dough $2.00
used $1.00/1 here
used 1 doubler
final: free

1-Scotties Tissue $.50
used $.50/1 here
1 doubler
paid: free

2- Dr. Pepper and 1 Sprite 2 liters $.87 each (because I bought 3)
used 2- $.60 printable for Dr. Pepper(not available anymore)
Used 2 doublers
paid: .21 for all three

I also bought a Diet coke ($1.50 not on sale but really "needed" it and two Push Up Pop candy (bribs )$.50 each.

Total for all above : 4.91 got back 11.00 in catalinas

GM BOX Tops Promo Deal:
1 suddenly Salad $1.00
20 Yoplait Yogurt $10.00
1 Warm delight mini $1.67
2- Cookie Crisp $2.00 each
1 Bisquick $2.00
1 Toaster Strudel $2.00

Total: 20.17

$.40/1 Suddenly salad from here
2-$.40/6 yoplait yogurt (5/16 SS)
1-$.50/8 yoplait yogurt (5/16 SS)
$.75/1 warm delights minis not sure what insert
$1.00/2 GM cereal not sure what insert
$.35/ 1 toaster strudel 5/16 SS
used: 3 doublers for the 3 highest coupon values
used: 7- $1.50 oyno and 1- $.50 oyno from the Velveeta deal
Paid: $4.10 out of pocket
Got back $5.00 catalina, 50 box tops and a $2.00 survey

Then when I went to put my stuff in my car there was a really run over catalina for $5.00 oyno. I tried to turn it into the store but they told me to keep it since it was so beat up and they would just throw it away.

So for a couple of hours worth of work I got all of this for $9.01 out of pocket or about $.12 per item. And I still have $12.00 in catalinas and survey's left (if you count the one that I found). If you factor in the catalinas it is like I got paid $2.99 to shop. Very sweet!

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