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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Couponing For Newbies: Shopping Drug Stores

Couponing For Newbies: Day 3

Shopping Drug Stores:
Walgreens and Rite Aid


Register Rewards

Often called Wags, Walgreens is famous for it's Register Rewards. A register reward is a coupon that prints when you purchase certain items. The coupon will be for a certain amount off of your next order.

If you purchase another of the same item and use the Register Reward to pay for it you will not get another Register Reward.
For example is you buy a shaving cream and get a Register Reward. Then you buy another shaving cream and pay with the Register Reward then you will not get another Register Reward.

However If you buy an item and it produces a Register Reward and then in another transaction you buy a different item then you can get a Register Reward.

For example:
You buy shave cream and get a Register Reward. Then you take that Register Reward and buy dental floss that should produce a Register Reward. The Register Reward should print.

Sometimes there is a glitch in this system and you can buy like items and still get the Register Reward. This is what is known as rolling a Register Reward.

Stacking Coupons

Walgreens will let you use a Walgreens coupon with a manufactures coupon. Using a manufactures coupon with a store coupon is called stacking.
The only problem with this is that Walgreens will only let you use one coupon per item.
To get around this rule then I often will buy something in the store that is really cheap so that I have enough items to match the amount of coupons that I have. This is called a filler item.

Limiting Quantities

Walgreens vary on how many of an item you can buy. Some stores only let only buy 1 Register REward item and others will let you clear all the shelves. The corporate offices let the individual stores regulate this. Often if there is something that will be free with the Register Reward it will be gone by the end of the first day of the sale at places that let you buy as much as you want. I would call ahead to make sure they have what you want. Some stores will even hold it for a little while until you can get there (this will also depend on who is working and what the individual store policy is).

Walgreens Coupon Policy

You can go here to get a copy of the Walgreens coupon policy. I would recommend carrying a copy of it with you; especially when you are first starting out. From my experience I have had hit and miss experiences with Walgreens. It really just depends on the store and the person working.


Walgreens is a very difficult store to master. I would not get discouraged if your first few transactions are a little difficult. I can not tell you how many times that I messed up a transaction there. I personally think that it can be great place to stock up on toiletries for very little money. Take it slow and don't get overwhelmed if everything doesn't go as planned. It happens to the best of us.

Rite Aid

Stacking coupons

You can use one manufacture coupon with a store coupon. Depending on your store you can also use a Rite Aid Video Values coupon as well.

Using Coupons on Buy One Get One Free Sales

Rite Aid lets you use one manufactures coupon for every item that you have. So when they have buy one get one free sales you can use a coupon for each item. This gives you extra savings.

They also will let you use a Buy one Get one free coupon with a buy one get one free sale. So essentially you are using the coupon on the one that is not free with the sale. It makes both items free. You still have to pay the tax though.

Rite Aid Video Values

A program from Rite Aid that you can watch short commericals and earn coupons. I love this program because the coupons can be stacked with a manufactures coupon. When you earn 20 coupons you get a bonus coupon for $5.00/$20.00. Go here to sign up and start watching.

The $5.00/$20.00 coupon can be used with all the coupons.

Rite Aid Single Check Rebates

On top of all the coupon savings that Rite Aid offers they also have a rebate program. Every month they offer different rebates. Some are month long and some are just for certain weeks during the month. You can use coupons on an item that qualifies for a rebate and still get the rebate.
The rebates are really easy to get especially online. I have been doing them for a really long time and have never had a problem.

Coupon Policy

Although all Rite Aid's should be the same sometimes there are cashiers that are less informed about the stores coupon policy. Go here to get a copy of the Rite Aid coupon policy. I would carry it with you when you shop Rite Aid so that you can show the cashier what you are able to do.

These are the two major drug stores that we have where I live. The other major drug store that we don't have is CVS. I personally have never shopped there and don't know anything about couponing there so I would recommend going here to find out more about CVS.

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