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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Albertson's Deals

Shopping at Albertson's this week was great; lots of stuff for very little.

However,I may have gotten a bit carried away with buying the Nestle Drumsticks, but in my defense I was really hungry when I went. Since the sale is over I won't post what I did for each transaction. Here's what I got:

3 Mission Tortillas 10ct.
6 Puffs tissue
1 Mr.Clean Magic Eraser 2 pack
1 Mr. Clean cleaner 40 oz.
1 package diapers
7 Nestle Drumstick 4ct.
9 Nestle milk's single serve (drank one in the car)

I paid 15.03 out of pocket using coupons and sales for 54.57 worth of groceries. And I have 5 free Redbox codes and 5.00 in cats to spend next time.

With the 5.00 cat factored in it is like I spent .36 per items.

Happy Couponing!

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