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Monday, May 10, 2010

A $7.00 Credit On Your Idaho Power Bill This Summer

This month I signed up for Idaho Powers A/C Cool Credit program.

A/C Cool Credit is an air conditioner cycling program that results in a shift of energy during the highest-use summer days, helping to ensure reliable power for everyone. It also helps keep costs down by lessening demand for power when electricity demand is at its highest and is most expensive to produce or purchase.

A Cool Switch device is installed near your A/C unit. On a few summer days when electricity is at its peak, the Cool Switch will cycle your A/C about 50 percent of the time. For instance, off for 15 minutes, then on for 15 minutes. This intermittent cycling is safe for your A/C and helps to make sure your home stays comfortable.

Essentially this program switches the demand for energy to non-peak hours in order to better utilize the capacity of the electrical system and can help prevent black outs.

Although your personal energy consumption probably won't change you do get a $7.00 credit on our June, July and August bills.

Switches must be installed by the 15th of June, July and August to get the next months credit.

$7.00 may not seem like much every month but to a couponer it is a fortune.

They installed ours this last week and it was quick and easy. I am unsure yet on what impact it will have on how hot our home gets in the summer. I'll let everyone know as the warmer weather progresses.

If you are interested in this program go here to find out more information.

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