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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bring on the Double Lovin: Albertson's Doublers

I was so excited that my manager was right and there were Albertson's Twice the Value coupons in Sunday's paper. They are going to make the next few days busier than usual but it will be totally worth it. I just hope that my Capri Sun coupons arrive in time. (I kind of have a bad feeling about it but we'll have to see). So here are some of the great deals to be had with doublers that I could see.

Danimals Crush cups 2.49
or -.75/1 (5/2 SS)
final as low as .49 (with doubler)

Dani-0-nino yogurt 2.19
-1.00/1 (3/28 SS)
final .19

Capri Suns $2
-1.00/1 (4/25 SS)
final free (with doubler)

Catalina: buy 3 Capri Sun or Tombstone pizza get 2 free Redbox codes!

Welches 100% Grape Juice $3

-1.00/1 here
final 1.00 (with doubler)

Tree Top Juice Box 3 pk $1
-1.00/2 here
final free (with doubler)

Tabasco Sauce 5 oz $1
-.50/1 (4/25 SS)
final free
(Thanks FabulesslyFrugal!)

Nestle DrumStick 2.50
-1.00/1 (5/2 SS)
final .50 (with doubler)

Ortega Chiles $1.25
.-75/2 from SS 4/18
or -1.00/2 here
final as low as .25 (with doubler)I will be at Albertson's today and will post any other great deals that I come across. What deals are you using your doublers on?

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