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Friday, July 16, 2010

Play With Your Food: Day 5 Food On A Stick

A while ago I was able to purchase a huge bag of craft sticks/popsicle sticks for very little (around $.25 or so) and some bamboo skewers for about the same amount. These have been one of the best investments that I have made. We use these sticks all the time. If my kids won't eat something and I say how about we put that on a stick. Suddenly it becomes new and more appealing.Here are some of my favorite ideas:

Food On A Stick


These are especially good on a stick when you have little ones. My daughter has always been a messy eater when it comes to bananas but when you put it on a stick you cut out the mess by at leas half.

We have put various kinds of sandwiches on a stick. The trick is to toast the bread and kind of weave the stick into it. Grilled cheese are easier than most and if you have a sandwich maker then it is super easy. My kids would eat sandwiches every day if they were on a stick.

Salad on A Stick:
Just layer the salad ingredients (my kids like to do this themselves). Since my daughter loves to dip things into "sauce". This is the perfect way for her to eat salad.

A few more we do often are hot dogs, cheese and lunch meat, apples, and corn. Really anything that's not going to fall apart is so much better on a stick.

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