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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Play With Your Food Day 2: Squid-Dogs

I have always found that when I make food interesting then my kids tend to eat it more. Especially foods that we eat a lot of. Here's a way to change up all those hot dogs you get cheaply.


This is so simple but can change a kid from one who won't eat hot dogs for another day to one who wants seconds. All you need is a pack of hot dogs and a knife.

First cut cooked hot dog down the middle starting about half way up.

Then do it again so that it forms four pieces attached to the uncut part.

Finally display it on a some ketchup (or the squids ink), and you have a Squid-dog.

I love these because I can get the hot dogs really inexpensively or even for free with coupons. It's a fun but cheap lunch.

You could make it even more nautical by serving it with thinly cut lettuce (sea weed) and goldfish crackers.

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