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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Play With Your Food: Day 3 Cheesy Bug-zels

My kids and I came up with this snack out of things that I got for practically free with coupons. The kids were so proud of themselves for making them on their own. They are really great if you want to combine an activity and a snack. Plus it makes snacks that we eat all the time seem like something new. (We call these snack Bug-zels because they look like a bug but are made out of a pretzel.)

Cheesy Bug-zels

What you need:
Softened Cream Cheese
Cheese Sticks

First cut cheese stick into round chunks.Then pull apart another cheese stick into thin strings. Tear the strings to look like a bugs antenna.

Place antennas on top of pretzel (see picture above). Put a small dab of cream cheese on 1 round cheese stick chunk. Place it on top of the pretzel and antenna. The cream cheese acts as a glue.
Repeat until you have enough and enjoy.

My kids also had a fun time making up stories about our Bug-zels while we were eating them. Oh yea and they are surprisingly tasty too.

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