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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Toys R Us Hasbro Game Deal.

I have been hesitant to post anything about this deal because well I wanted to see how in stock my local store was before I got everyone's hopes up. I went yesterday and they were low on stock with most games. I wasn't able to get all the games I wanted but was able to get different games and my deal worked. I talked with the manager and he said that they should be getting in more games in on Friday. I have however not had the best luck with what they say actually being accurate so I would call before going just to be sure they have what you want.

Here's the deal details you should know:

Buy $35.00 worth of Hasbro games at Toys R Us get a $10.00 gift card and through Saturday there are lots of games on sale this week.

There are rebates for select Hasbro games that corrispond with this sale. Go here to look at and print the form or get it on tear pads in the store. I found mine right by the games. You must buy the games at Toys R Us between 10/21 to 12/31/2010 to qualify.

Here is a list of games that qualify:

BOARD GAMES Bop it – $3 Hi-Ho Cherry O – $2
Battleship – $3 Bop it Bounce – $3 Chutes and Ladders – $2
Operation – $3 Cuponk – $3 Cootie – $2
Monopoly – $3 U Build games (all versions ) – $3 Candy Land ( All Versions ) – $2
Scrabble – $3 Guess Who – $3 Don’t Spill the beans – $2
Connect 4 – $3 Gator Golf – $3 Don’t Break the Ice – $2
Sorry – $3 Hungry Hungry Hippos – $3 Ants in the Pants – $2
Trouble – $3 Elefun – $3 VIDEO GAMES
Twister – $3 Pop Goes Froggio – $3 Monopoly Streets(Wii, PS3 & Xbox) $5
Life – $3 Memory ( All Versions )- $2 Family Game night 3 (Wii, PS3, & Xbox) $5

To get the rebates you must buy what is specified on the rebate and there is a limit of one kind of game rebate per household. So you can't just go buy 10 of one kind.

This is the deal that I did:
1 Candyland $3.00
1 Chutes and Ladders $3.00
1 Ants in the pants $5.00
1 Memory $5.00
1 Don't Spill the beans $5.00
1 Cootie $5.00
1 Connect 4 $10.99
total out of pocket: $36.99

I then got a $10.00 gift card. And I will get back $15.00 in rebates. So it is like getting each game for $1.72. Great price. If you don't want to get that many games then you could do this deal:

1 Candyland $3.00
1 Chutes and Ladders
pay: $6.00
Get back $4.00 in rebates. Final cost only $1.00 per game.

There are lots of games included in this promo so if you want you could easily come up with a great deal scenario. The only problem I have found is that they don't always have everything that I want in stock. If you don't want to get the gift card you could also wait and see what sales they will be having in the next few weeks and then do the rebate.

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