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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winco And Coupon Overage

Right before Christmas I had to stop by Winco (the one in Meridian) to pick up a couple of things. While there they had the Holiday Glade room sprays for only $.68 each and right next to them they had one coupon for $3.00 off of three. I thought hey free room spray and picked three up. To my surprise the cashier gave me the full $3.00 off instead of letting the computer adjust the coupon down which the computer will normally do automatically ( and what has happened every time that I had gone there before). She told me that it is policy at their store that you get the full amount of the coupon since they get reimbursed for the total amount no matter what. She also told me that most cashiers don't know this and that if they don't adjust the coupon to get the manager. I went home happy with my purchase.

The next day I had to go back to Winco for something that I forgot and decided to bring along my coupons from home to buy more of the room spray for my mother in law. When I went to the register the coupon automatically adjusted the price down and I asked the cashier about it. She had no clue whether or not she could give me the whole coupon amount and called over the manager. The manager was awesome and said that they should always give the whole price of the coupon and showed the girl how to change the coupon amount. I was so happy and thought that I should pass this along. I can't guarantee that you won't get a grouchy cashier or a rude manager but from what I can gather they should be doing this and it is worth the try. I also not sure if this is this Winco store specific or if all of them will do this so it is highly your millage may vary. But if you can keep a cool head and have a bit of patience then I say bring on the coupon overage. Yay!

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