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Monday, January 3, 2011

Walmart Price Matching = My New Favorite Thing

Recently I have been loving going to Walmart and taking advantage of their price match policy. I have gotten so many things that were sold out at other stores easily. Of course I have found a Walmart and a cashier that are awesome (Overland store in Boise); so that is really why I love to go there now.

It is kind of crazy because I am the same person who boycotted Walmart for two years because of a bad experience that I had. But as long as I am treated well then I will continue to shop there, time will tell.
I got this great deal today, but I am a bit hesitant on posting it because it really is going to depend on your particular Walmart and the people who work there. If they are trained well with coupons then it should be easy sailing. Here's what I did:

6 Electrisol Tabs $1.99 price matched with Walgreens
-(my Walmart price matches to the price after the Register Reward but you could still price match the $2.99 price and get it for a great deal)

Coupons used 6 - $2.25/1 Electrosol from the 1/2 SS.
-(They did not give overage but adjusted the coupon down to $1.99.)
total: 6 for free.

If your Walmart will not give you the $1.99 price then you will pay only $.74 each, which is still an awesome price for something that is normally $4.42 there!

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