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Monday, January 31, 2011

Walmart Price and Coupon Matching Idea

I was at Walmart today and took advantage of their price matching and coupon policy. I was able to get 205.00 worth of stuff for only $27.00 plus tax (I have been sick so I just put away my groceries without taking a picture). Lets just say that I am now stocked up on Maxi Pads for a really long time. Here's an idea of a great way to get over $30.00 worth of products for just the tax.

Buy 4 Stayfree Maxi Pads $24.00 (if you purchase the ones that cost $6.00 each)
$10.00 worth of home related merchandise
Total: $34.00
Price match Rite Aid ad for Stayfree BOGO sale (it makes two for free)
use 2-Stay BOGO coupons from 1/2 SS
use $10.00/$30.00 World Market coupon from Sunday flyer (my Walmart will not let me use this on groceries)
Final: Just Pay Tax

Here's another idea but you will have to do it soon as the one of the coupons expires today:

Buy 4 Olay 2-pack bar soap $9.92 ($2.48 each)
Buy 4 Secret Deoderants $9.52 ($2.38 each)
2 Butterfinger Snackers around $.59 each
$10.00 worth of home merchandise
Total: $30.44
Price match Walgreens coupon for Snackers $.39 each
use $1.00/2 Snackers coupon from here
use 4- $2.00/1 Olay bar soap from 12/26 PG (this expires today 1/31)
use 4- Buy one bar soap get 1 Secret deodorant up to $3.00 free from 1/30 PG
use $10.00/$30.00 World Market coupon from Sunday's Flyer
final: Just Pay tax

(Side note: there may be possible overage if your store gives you the full value of the Snackers coupon so you may need a filler).

One of my favorite home items to buy using this coupon are these really high quality baking sheets. They are priced at $10.97 so only $.97 after the coupon. Attach some dollar store cookie cutters and you have a nice inexpensive gift.

I really love this new policy and hope that it will be around for awhile. I shop at the Overland store in Boise and know that the above scenarios will work there. Since it is Walmart your local store may not be very coupon friendly so YMMV. Good luck!

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