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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Free Stayfree Maxi Pads At Rite Aid

Starting this next Sunday you can score Stayfree Maxi Pads for free. They have this sale this time every year and I always stock up. Here's the deal:

Stayfree Pads Any Count Buy One Get One Free
use Buy one Stayfree Pad Get One Free from 1/09 SS
final: 2 for free

I was not able to get any of these a few weeks ago when there was a small moneymaker on them. I am anticipating that the shelves will be cleared very quickly. I have heard you can place an order with Rite Aid but have yet to find one which will actually do it for me. I am just hoping that all the shelve clearer's got theirs in the last sale and that I can pick up a few. I just thought I would give everyone a head up in case you wanted to buy some coupons on Ebay, if you buy them soon you should receive them in time for the sale. Also remember to get a rain check if they are out. The coupons last for awhile (til 3/31/11 to be exact) so hopefully everyone will be able to get what they need with a rain check.

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