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Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday Un-Planned Shopping Trip Gone Right

So this Saturday we took my son to spend his allowence and get a few things for the yard.
The trip turned out to be a bunch of stops at many different places.
I was thankful that I brought my coupons so I could at least get some savings.

Remember the free utility knife from Lowes that I told you about.
Well I picked up ours. It was the last one left, I am guessing that a lot of people have been getting there's. I spent no money out of pocket.

I got a $5.00 off any purchase of $5.00 or more at Ace Hardware in the mail a couple of weeks ago and decided to stop in and use it. I bought a bell pepper and a pumpkin plant. ( I have been on a plant buying craze). I spent a total of $1.04 for both. I was excited because my plant starts aren't looking very well and I promised my kids that we could grow our own pumpkins for Halloween.

I also stopped in at Walgreens to see if they had anymore of free Ecotrin. But of course they were out. But they had herb plants on sale for 2/$4.00 and I decided to use some of my Register Rewards that I had to get some. I bought lavender, oregano, lemon thyme, and rosemary. The total out of pocket was $.48.

Finally we stopped in at Albertson's. My husband really wanted hot dogs for dinner and we needed buns. I decided to pick up a few extra goodies while we were there (I was getting hungry which is a terrible thing for me to be while shopping.
We also had another Propel and a bottle of water but we drank those in the car. I did two transactions and used a $5.00 catalina that I had. The total out of pocket was $6.77.

My overall total for everything was $8.29. Before coupons and sales it would have cost me $65.81. That's an 87% savings!
By using my coupons I was able to minimize the damage of shopping when I wasn't planning to. It was great.

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