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Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Minute Father's Day Gifts Without Breaking the Bank

Have you ever done this?
It is the day before Father's Day and you have nothing for your husband. So you take the kids out to buy a gift for him. But what to get him. Tools, electronics, or maybe Sports memorabilia. You search and search and find something you think he will like. It's not on sale and the price tag is pretty hefty. Should you look at a few more stores to see if you can get it on sale? Your kids are getting cranky and that option seems crazy so you just pay the high price because you'll at least have a gift for him. You and your kids are stressed and so is your bank account.

Well why not give a gift that doesn't cost very much money this year. One that has more sentimental value. I have come up with a couple of ideas for last minute Father's day gifts that wont ruin your budget (and most you don't even have to leave the house for).

Yard Work:
Mow the lawn for him. Do some weeding and let him relax. He will really appreciate getting a break from it. I did this for my husband already this week as an early Father's day gift. I had never used a lawn mower that was not a push (non electric one) before. It was quit comical for all my neighbors to see me trying to start it.
You can also modify this by doing some other chore that he dislikes and will appreciate not having to do this week.

Make His Favorite Meals:
Every Father's day I let my husband choose the menu. Normally he picks all the food that I hate and hardly make. This year he wants Meatball Pizza. (I am not a meatball fan). But I suck it up every year and don't complain about the food. He really likes that.

Have the Kids Make Him a Craft:
My kids always are willing to do a project. Here is a website that has lots of Father's day craft ideas.

Clean Out His Car:
My husbands car is so gross. Think bachelor pad gross. He never has time to clean it out. I always feel bad because he spends so much time in the car commuting and has to be in it. What a nice way to let him know you care by cleaning up his car. Just don't go overboard and put in girly smelling air fresheners without asking him. Here are some homemade car cleaners that you could use.

Write Him a Letter or Make Him a Card:
Every year I make my husband a card and tell him how much I appreciate him. I know that he likes you hear how great he is and how much we love him.

Special Lunches for a Week:
If your husband brings his lunch to work then why not give him a week of all his favorites. Give him a sheet of paper and let him pick out what he wants. Then throughout the week make a special lunch for him everyday. An extra idea is to include a note everyday with something that you appreciate about him on it. It will spread the love throughout the week.

Let Him Just Sit:
I think that this is my husband favorite thing. I take the kids to another part of the house and just let him do what ever he wants. He works so hard and does so much that sometimes it is hard for him to find any alone time. We all need that every so often.

Dream Fund:
I read about doing this but not sure where.
Does your husband have a dream of something he would like to do or buy? A new car, a trip, or an expensive electronic device. Well show him that you support his dream by creating a jar that the family can put change into in order to save for it. You can also start a saving account just for his dream.

Have Fun:
Most of all just have fun with the dad in your life. Father's Day doesn't have to be expensive, just have fun and spend the day together.

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