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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Albertson's Trip Yesterday

I went to Albertson's yesterday to do my doubles and well most of my shopping for the week.
I was happy to find that they had everything that I wanted.
I was glad that I wasn't trying to get the in on the ice cream deals this week because both of the stores that I went to were sold out. (There must have been at least four or five people asking about it at each store when I was paying. Very crazy. I guess the heat must make everyone crave ice cream.)
I am only posting the first two transactions that I did because they were very specific. The rest of the deals can be found here.

Transaction 1:
6 Dairy Gold Sour Creams 3/5.00
used 3- $.40/1
3-Buy one get one free
3 doublers:
Got back $5.00 catalina

Transaction 2:
2 Honey Maid Grahm Crackers $2.49 each
2 6-packs Hershey bars $3.00 each
2- Kraft marshmellows$1.00 each
1- Tic Tac $.68 (so I could pay with the catalina)
2 Bar S Hot dogs $1.00 each
used 2- $1.00 when you buy grahms, hershey and marshmallows
and $1.00/2 bar s hot dogs
3- doublers
Save $4.00 instantly for buy grahms, hershey's and marshmallows
$5.00 catalina from previous transaction
final: $1.09

Here's what else I got:
5- Wacky Mac
7- Weber Marinades
3- Best Foods Mayo
2- packages of 1/3 pound of deli meat (I found a $1.00 off deli meat when you buy 1 Best Foods mayo tear-pad and doubled it)
2- Snyders Pounder Pretzels
12- Bar-S-Hot Dog packages
1- Smart Taste Pasta
4- Smuckers Ice Cream Toppings
4- Cinnamon Toast Crunch (didn't really need cereal I was just craving this kind)

For everything including the first two transactions the I outlined above my total came to only $13.01 including tax. My receipts say that my total before coupons and sales was supposed to be $140.65. ( I normally look at this number but realize that most of the "regular" prices at Albertson's are greatly inflated. I would say that this was probably about $90.00- $100.00 worth of groceries at Walmart or Winco.)
If you divide the number of items that I bought into what I spent, then each item would only be about $.23( and that's including tax). Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Remember that today is the last day to use your doublers. Also the June dairy promo is almost over, so if there is anything that you were planning on getting with that there are only a few more days left.

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