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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Elipse Countdown: 8 Days Left

Only 8 days til the movie is released and I just found out about this cool Eclipse event happening in selected cities. Saturday June 26 there will be viewings of New Moon (none in Idaho). Doors will open at 6pm and is a first come first serve basis. These events will include special activities and appearances from the cast. (I can hear the tweens screaming already).

Go here to find out what cities are included. I am unsure if they are charging and what that price might be so I would definately check with your local venue.

As I mentioned before team Jacob or team Edward?
For me it's team Jacob. Especially in the movies. I really don't like the acting of Robert Pattinson. He just seems to brood too much. I am still undecided with the books.
What do you all think?

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