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Monday, June 28, 2010

Eclipse Countdown: 2 Days Left

With Eclipse being released in only a couple of days I decided to watch the first two movies over the weekend. Then today I saw that certain Fandago cinemas were showing double features of Twilight and New Moon. I was so disappointed, I could have watched both on the big screen again.
Oh well as my husband would say, this is why we got a big TV this year.

Go here to see if your theater is participating.
I think it would be fun to see all three in a row at the theater, but I am unsure if I can handle six hours at the movies at once. That seems like quit a challenge.
Is anyone thinking of doing this?

Side Note: When I was watching Twilight I noticed that in one of the scenes Stephanie Meyers was sitting in the little cafe where Bella and Charlie were eating. I thought it was funny that I picked up on it; I am officially a bigger dork than I even thought I was. If you plan on watching it soon, try and see if you can spot her.

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