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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Craft Day Fishy Tales!

Last week my kids and I decided to have a craft day. We made cute fish and wrote stories about them. The kids are so proud of them. I thought that I would show you all just how cute they turned out.

My daughter's fish is Tiger Fish. (She picked out what to make herself.)

Here is the story she came up with. I tried to write it word for word. It's so cute. Don't you just love three years olds and how they think.

Go Tiger Fish!

There was a princess named Dora. A dragon carried her away. The tiger fish roared. And roared again. And the tiger fish scared away the dragon. And the tiger fish roared and roared and roared. The tiger fish jumped and jumped away. The tiger fish went to Dora and said, " Dora the Explorer, I love Dora." Then he laughed at Dora. And roared. Dora kissed the tiger fish on the nose. And kissed him again. He turned into a prince and kissed. Then lots of stuff happened. They lived happily ever after.

My son's fish is so what a seven year old boy would make. Can you guess what he has been playing with his friends lately? It's a G.I. Joe fish.

Here's the story that he came up with about his fish. It makes me want to say Yo Joe!

Fish G.I. Joe

Duke had a fish named Camo. When Duke first bought Camo his name was Blue Fishy. Duke put a camouflage coat on Camo. He bought Camo and named him Camo. He went home and put him in a fish tank. They lived happily ever after. Then End.

We had a blast making these.
What kind of crafts are you doing with your kids this summer?

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