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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Idaho Falls Shopping Report

This past weekend we went to Idaho Falls to see my husbands family. While we were there I was able to shop at both Albertson's and Walgreens.
I have to say that the people of Idaho Falls are very lucky.
Both stores were well stocked and the cashiers were super friendly.

I went into Walgreens to buy some of the Ecotrin they have for free this week and could not believe how much they had in stock. (Literally there was stacks of it). I bought three and didn't feel guilty at all because they had so much.
I did three transactions and paid $.36 out of pocket and got back $6.00 in Register Rewards.
Here's the deal:
Buy 1 Ecotrin $2.00
use $2.00/1 any Ecotrin
final: free (plus tax)
Get back $2.00 Register Reward!

And at Albertson's (I don't have a picture of what we bought), I was able to get bagels and rolls for free using in store coupons that they had. I also found a coupon for free Snapple 6 packs after rebate. There were coupons all over the store. It was a couponers paradise.

I think that we will be back up there soon and all of my coupons are going with me.
Yay for Idaho Falls!


  1. Which Walgreens did you go to in Idaho Falls? Was it near the Winco grocery store or near Albertsons? I know it was a while ago, I was just wondering which Walgreens is coupone friendly.

  2. It was the one by Albertson's but like you said that was a long time ago. I haven't been coupon shopping in that area since then so I have no idea what store (if any) is better. Hope that helps you.