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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy Sleepy Albertson's Trip!

Although we just got back home last night, I still wanted to use up all the doublers that I got on Sunday, so I made an Albertson's run this morning.
I was thinking that I would have to get rain checks being that it is the last day of the sale, but they miraculously had everything that I wanted.
I have to thank the great cashiers at the Albertson's that I went to because I was so tired I am sure that they thought I was crazy.
It took me 8 transactions but I am pretty happy with the results.
(I am not going to post the coupons that I used since it is the last day of the sale and I don't have the energy.)

This is what I got:
14 Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce
14 Weber Grill Seasonings
2 Honeymaid Grahm Crackers
2 Hershey Chocolate Bar 6 packs
2 Kraft Marshmellows
1 Snyders Pretzals
4 Suave Deoderant
1 Smart Taste pasta
2 Crystal Light To Go Packs

I paid $8.54 for $58.54 worth of groceries.
Not bad considering how tired I have been today!

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