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Monday, October 11, 2010

My Rite Aid Love Affair

I went out early this morning (way to early this morning) before I had to babysit because I had to go to my favorite store Rite Aid. For some reason I thought that it opened at 8:00 AM but sadly it didn't and I had about 30 minutes to kill. Now some people would have given up and gone to another store but no not me. I waited. Sitting in my car I realized that I really (and I mean really) needed to get my cars oil changed. And wouldn't you know but right behind Rite Aid is a Jiffy Lube. So one oil change and one ride on the Kermit the Frog car outside the store (my daughter has to ride it every time we go) later I was able to get the most amazing deals. I am so happy with my shopping trip. Here's what I did:

Transaction 1:

1 Kit Kat Snack size bag $2.00
2 Reeses Snack size bags $4.00
1 Maybeline Eye Studio eye shadow $3.71
2 Playtex 18 count tampons $4.00 each
1 Neilmed Spray $5.99
1 Comtrex cold and flue caplets $3.99

coupons used:
$1.00/3 reeses or kit kat bags (unsure insert)
$1.00/1 reeses or kit kat video values coupon
$2.00/1 Maybeline eye studio coupon here
$2.00/1 any Maybeline product Sept. Video Values (if you already watched video)
$5.00/$25.00 coupon here
2-$2.00/1 Playtex coupon here
$2.00/2 Playtex coupon Oct. Video Values
$2.00/1 NeilMEd spray here
I also paid with lots of +up rewards from last weeks big candy sale. (I won't go into it because it is over but I got all my Halloween candy from it- 10 bags to be exact and spent $14.97 but got $25.00 in +up rewards)

I paid: $2.54 out of pocket

Transaction 2:

1 Princess Costume $14.99
6 Gain dish soap $.89 each
1 Maybeline eye studio eyeshadow $3.71
1 Dove hair spray $3.00

coupons used:
$5.00/$25.00 coupon here
6- $1.00/1 gain coupons from 10/10 PG
$2.00 Maybeline eye studio here
$2.00/1 Maybeline eye studio video values Oct.
$2.00/1 Dove video values Oct.
$.75/1 Dove 10/3 RP
I also used more +up rewards to pay for the rest of this transaction.
I spent a total out of pocket: $1.67

My total out of pocket for everything was $4.21.

I also have $4.00 in +up rewards left for next time and can submit my receipt for $9.98 in Single check rebates and a NeilMed MIR here for $5.99.

In all it was an awesome trip. I have been looking for a costume for my daughter for what feels like forever. I wanted to come up with something cute and original but she wanted to be Dora for a long time and then recently decided she wanted to be a princess. I think that I can turn her costume into something more than just a plain old princess. I'll let you know what I came up with tomorrow.

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