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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Albertson's Preview 2/16

I had surgery on Friday so I have really been out of the couponing track for a bit. I have been really loopy with medication that I've been on and let's just say that blogging would have been incomprehensible. My family has been really wonderful through it though, especially my dear husband. He even went coupon shopping and did Albertson's doubles for me yesterday. (Yea he's that amazing). I am really looking forward to getting back to regular life. I was hoping that the Albertson's preview would prove to be full of great deals but after looking at it I am pretty disappointed. I guess it just gives me more time to recover.

Go here to Pinching Your Pennies to see the Albertson's preview for this week. I haven't heard anything about doubles this weekend. I can only hope they will have them or I won't be shopping at Albertson's this week.

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